Rocket League Season 5: Release Date, Rewards, Trailer, Rocket Pass and All You Need To Know

Rocket League Season 5

Rocket League Season 5 will be the next to arrive and we have all the information that the gaming community needs to know before it goes live.

The car football game is enjoyed by many, and it has kept this popularity by introducing seasons every few months.

Season 4 has seen a bunch of new content come to the game, like new customisation items for the cars and also a great new desert map.

We should see similar content added to the game in season 5, as well as some new cars to use in the game.

Here is everything you need to know about Rocket League Season 5:

Release Date

Season 4 of Rocket League went live on Wednesday 11th August 2021 and typically we see seasons released every three months. Therefore, we expect to see season 5 go live on Thursday 11th November 2021.

When the developers release an official release date, we will update this page.

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Players will get rewards throughout the new season, this will include various content like paint, smoke trails and a lot more. There will be a few ways in which players can unlock these rewards, like daily challenges and these rewards will be revealed over the next few months.


Rocket League developers Psyonix always love to bring out a new trailer to promote a new season, and no doubt they will do the exact same thing for season 5. This trailer has not been revealed yet but when it goes live we will post the footage here.

Rocket League Season 6 will hopefully be released in November 2021

Rocket Pass

When a new season is released, players will be able to purchase a new rocket pass. This gives gamers 100 levels of unlockable content. More will be known about this closer to release. This is another way in which players can unlock rewards, and as you get closer to level 100, you will unlock better rewards.

The game is so successful that it has become a crucial part of Esports where players battle for big prize pools.

No doubt we will see some tournaments happen during season 5 and it will be interesting to see these matches played on whatever new map arrives.

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