Valorant: Zedd reveals his love for the game following SPECTRUM skinline release

Zedd reacts to the SPECTURM skinline

Riot Games today confirmed that the new Zedd inspired SPECTRUM skinline would be coming to Valorant shortly.

Anton Zaslavski (Zedd) is a Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ, and Immortal-ranked Valorant player, so it made sense to collaborate on an in-game bundle.

Zedd commented on the new bundle following the release, describing his love of eSports and FPS titles in general.

The world-known DJ stated that Valorant is the perfect combination of his favourite FPS titles. He said: "The very first time I got my hands on Valorant, I pretty much stopped playing all other games. It was the perfect combination of my favourite games.

"When I was younger I was obsessed with Counter-Strike, and in recent years I played loads of Overwatch, but felt like the room for “clutch” moments just wasn’t there.

"When I heard about Valorant I thought it could combine my love for abilities with the high-consequence gameplay of a game like Counter-Strike.

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Zedd reacts to the SPECTURM skinline

Zedd x Valorant

Zedd would also discuss players who are new to the title, with the IMMORTAL ranked player having clocked up hundreds of hours in the now-massive eSports title.

"I think finding the right sensitivity that works for YOU, and sticking with it to develop some muscle memory is helpful" Zedd began.

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"Furthermore, communication and a positive team spirit is possibly the most important advantage you can have in VALORANT. Whenever I get into a game I always say ‘Hello’ and ask everyone who they like to play.

"Just starting off with positive vibes will lift the team morale and will make everyone play better. Remember; everyone has bad days and if your Jett is bottom fragging the best you can do for your own game is to boost that spirit."

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