Khabib Nurmagomedov 'let Tony Ferguson get inside his head' video shows


Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the, if not the, greatest fighter in UFC history and besides his dominance in the cage, he is also known for being a pretty level-headed man.

In the past, many, particularly Conor McGregor, have tried to rile him up, but he barely gave them that satisfaction, instead preferring to let his fighting skills do the talking.

However, there is one man who did manage to get into Khabib’s head and that is none other than Tony Ferguson.

The two were scheduled to fight at UFC 249 and during the press conference ahead of the event, they had a face-off. During which, Ferguson said something to Khabib which propelled him to kick a UFC title off the stage in rage.

The press conference itself was a heated affair with both throwing verbal rants at one another.

Unfortunately, we never got to see the Russian take on El Cucuy as a bout between the two was scheduled, only to be cancelled five times.

The first occasion was back in 2015, when Khabib and Ferguson were supposed to fight in December that year. However, the former suffered a rib injury while training and had to pull out. Ferguson defeated his replacement Edson Barboza by submitting him through a D’Arce choke.

A fight between the two was booked for a second time on April 16, 2016. However, that did not take place with Ferguson dropping out, citing a lung issue. 

The third time this happened was in January 2017 when a fight scheduled in March at UFC 209 was cancelled as Khabib was hospitalised due to ‘weight-management’ issues. 

The following year, a bout between the two lightweight stars was booked for April in the main event of UFC 223. However, this time, Ferguson needed surgery on his lateral collateral ligament and was replaced by Al Iaquinta.

The two were then scheduled to fight at UFC 249 in April 2020, and it looked like this time, it would finally take place. However, in came the devastating coronavirus pandemic and this forced Khabib to stay in quarantine.



Ferguson is the only fighter who managed to anger Khabib, but it’s really sad that he never got to fight him.

It would’ve been something UFC fans would’ve loved to watch.

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