Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Fight simulation ends in savage knockout


A YouTube channel dedicated to simulating potential boxing matches has created a video simulation of the potential bout between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

The two are expected to agree a deal in the near future, as both boxers have made their wishes to fight one another clear over the past weeks. 

Paul’s last fight took his professional boxing record to 4-0 when he defeated ex-UFC star Tyron Woodley via split decision on August 29, which became his first win not by knockout.

Coincidentally, Fury was on the undercard that night; he fought American Anthony Taylor, defeating him in the fourth round and extending his record to an impressive 7-0.

If the pair were to agree to a fight deal in the coming months, they would both enter the ring undefeated, which would make for some box-office viewing for fans of both youngsters, as well as neutrals around the world.

The simulated fight begins with both Paul and Fury giving as good as they get; both are able to land power punches, however, both take some damage. It’s realistic that the fight will be equal to begin with, seeing as the statistics between the fighters are so similar.

It’s not until the third round that we start to see a clear advantage towards a fighter, and it’s in Fury’s favour.

The Englishman was able to wear down his opponent, landing body shot after body shot, and cause Paul to repeatedly clinch to catch his breath. Fury then landed a powerful right hand on his opponent, which saw Paul knocked down onto the canvas, but able to get back on his feet after five seconds.

The Mancunian was able to land another knockdown later in the third round, which would put the fight heavily in his favour if it were to go to a decision, but Paul saw out the third round.

Round four of the fight is where we see it draw to a close; Fury scored one more knockdown before finally finishing off his rival with a KO to see out the win.



It’s unknown how the fight would play out in real life, but it’s fun to speculate.

Fury goes in with the advantage of a boxing upbringing - his brother Tyson is a two-time heavyweight world champion, and he’d make sure Tommy was well prepared to keep the Fury winning streak alive.

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