WWE: Kevin Owens contract expiring sooner than expected

Kevin Owens contract with WWE is expiring soon

It has now emerged that Kevin Owens‘ contract with WWE is expiring in the next few months, which is sooner than many people expected.

Fightful Select broke the news last night that Kevin Owens contract with WWE is set to expire in January 2020, which is much sooner than fans anticipated.

Owens did an interview in 2018 where he said he was under contract with WWE until 2023, but reports have now indicated that his deal is up in just less than six months:

Kevin Owens did an interview in May of 2018 with TVA Sports where he’d stated that he’d signed a new 5-year contract that would carry him into 2023. However, as it turns out, that deal is actually now up in January 2022, according to WWE sources.

Fightful notes that Owens had his contract restricted ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, which the end of his deal being brought forward to January 2022.

We’ve learned from a WWE official that WWE restructured several contracts ahead of the pandemic, and for whatever reason, Kevin Owens’ deal was changed to expire in January 2022. We were not told of any additional terms of the deal or specifically why it was shortened. We’ll work to find out if any other deals were adjusted.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Kevin Owens is 100% going to be leaving WWE. It’s possible that WWE offers Owens a new deal that he accepts over the next few months.

However, as we have seen with the likes of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson just this week, there is a real possibility that Kevin Owens could turn down WWE’s offers and sign with another company, potentially even AEW.

Kevin Owens’ future is incredibly unclear right now, so make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport for any potential updates on the matter over the coming months.

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