Valorant Patch Notes 3.06: Release Date, Download Size, Leaks, Game System Updates, Social, Bug Fixes and More

Here is all you need to know about the new version of Valorant

Following the big changes as part of Valorant Patch 3.05, Riot Games will be gearing up to introduce the latest patch in the next couple of weeks to the FPS title.

The hero-based first-person shooter has shot into eSports competitive gaming and has proven to be a fan-favourite despite having only been released last year.

Whereas games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends have had to bed themselves into the industry – Riot has not had to go through similar timeframes and have found success sooner than many would have expected.

Valorant Patch 3.05 brought some major changes to Agents, Competitive play and the reveal of a brand new H-shaped map: Fracture.

With 3.06, Riot will take into consideration the critical feedback from across their community – in order to implement and repair whatever is concerning gamers to ensure a fair and level playing field.

Here is everything that you need to know regarding Valorant Patch Notes 3.06:

Here is all you need to know about the new version of Valorant

Latest News

We will be updating the latest news as and when Riot makes official announcements regarding the release of Patch 3.06 to Valorant.

Release Date

At this time, it has not been confirmed by Riot Games will bring out this update. All of the sections listed below will be filled in as much detail as the developers provide. Stay tuned!

UPDATE September 21st: Riot Games has officially released the Patch Notes for the new update!


We will update here with leaks and information about Patch 3.06 as and when it becomes available!

Patch Notes

Here are the official Patch Notes for 3.06:

“This round of balance changes targets two Initiators: Skye and KAY/O. Skye’s benefitted from some quick movement shortly after her flashes and frequent Seekers, so we’ve slowed her down a tad and bumped the cost of her ult. For KAY/O, he should be better at hiding his FLASH/drive pitches.

“And then there’s Jett. Simply put, these changes are about getting the most out of Blade Storm’s primary fire and creating matching damage rules for the alternate fire. In the same vein, there is one less smoke to work with, so choose wisely.

“Five of the maps now come with sturdier crates, offering more protection for attackers on some planting sites, or safer positioning for defenders.”



“We’ve liked that Skye has been able to play off her own flash more and more. But lately, there’s a sense that it’s become too effective and optimal to play off of herself in some situations. An increase to the unequip time should make it slightly more difficult for Skye to capitalize on Guiding Light bird flashes as quickly as before—making coordinated play or different styles of flashes more competitive.

“The increased activation time aims to give prepared enemies a slightly larger window to react, without trivializing her main Initiator tool. Also, we’ve seen both the frequency of Skye’s ult and its effectiveness increase as players have become more skilled with the Agent. Looking at the recon and impact it can provide, it now seems more appropriate amongst the ults that cost seven points.”

Guiding Light (E)

  • Unequip time after casting or bending Guiding Light’s projectile increased .5 >>> .75
  • Windup time after activation before the flash goes off increased .25 >>> .3

Seekers (X)

  • Cost increased 6 >>> 7


“When we first launched KAY/O, we had two big questions: “How strong is Suppression for initiation?” and “Can regular flashbangs exist against other flashes in VALORANT?” Although we believed the ability to lab out flashes was where the power could come in, we over-indexed on telegraphing the projectile, which is holding back its success.

“These changes should help reward those of you that put in additional effort to throw clever pop flashes. As far as the ultimate goes, we wanted to increase the baseline value of the ultimate by ensuring a longer suppression window for those explosive site takes.”


  • Duration of windup telegraph reduced 0.5s >>> 0.3s
  • Duration of windup telegraph reduced on Right Click 1s >>> 0.3s
  • The audio attached to the in-flight projectile has been removed


  • Does not stop pulsing after being downed


Cloudburstcharges reduced 3 >>> 2

  • Our feeling here is that Jett has one too many smokes, and it’s contributed to a sense that she could get away with using them at any time, have more to spare, or spam them without much thought.
  • The reduced charges for her smoke should hopefully make the choice on whether to smoke a choke point, smoke a path for a dash, or make a one-way, a more tactical one.

Bladestorm Right-click/Alternate Fire kills no longer recharge Jett’s kunai

  • By removing the recharge, we hope Jett mains will optimize for the single kunai kills in order to keep the Bladestorm going and really play into the high precision fantasy Jett is all about.
  • We want to incentivize the high skill primary fire kills while still allowing the low-risk-low-reward burst fire option.

Bladestorm Right-click/Alt.

  • Fire damage changes are reverted, damage and multipliers will mirror the left-click
  • We’ve seen Jett’s right-click be very unpredictable and feel that it’s confusing to have different damage rules than the left-click. This change should unify how both modes of fire work and provide a little more predictability if Jett decides to go for the single kill as opposed to chaining.

Download Size

Riot Games will hopefully be confirming the complete download size for the new patch in the next few weeks.

Bug Fixes


  • Icebox minimap and vision cones will now correctly display near B Yellow callout.
  • Thanks to @TheLumberjAxe for the catch.


  • Deathmatch penalties will no longer prevent you from getting banned for AFK-ing
  • Sorry about this bug! Penalties should have been reverted.

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