Battlefield 2042 Beta: Loadout files leaked ahead of anticipated beta

Dataminers uncover beta loadouts for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 loadouts have been leaked ahead of the all-important beta test that is due to take place in a few weeks.

Only those that pre-ordered the title, are subscribed to EA Play or an Xbox Game Pass member can participate in the upcoming technical playtest – with DICE putting the respective measures in place ahead of their community-driven analysis.

While the above criteria is believed to be an Early Access Beta, it has been reported that on 24th September, an Open Beta will be brought out allowing everyone to try out the multiplayer game.

EA pushed Battlefield 2042 during EA Play Live and gave it the centre stage to showcase its new Portal game mode, where armies from different generations can be mixed and matched in the same lobby in what was described as a “love letter” to fans.

While details are still scarce regarding what will be involved in the beta, dataminers and leakers have uncovered one element of the technical playtest that looks set to feature.

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Dataminers uncover beta loadouts for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Loadouts

Thanks to Temporyal on Twitter, we got to see some of the weaponry that will be on offer to players during the beta test – thanks to files that were located in the archives.

As spotted in some of the recent trailers, the following aircraft will be included:


  • F-35E Panther
  • SU-57 Felon


  • 20mm minigun
  • 30mm minigun


  • Air-to-air missiles
  • Air-to-ground missiles 
  • Homing missile


  • Detection jammer
  • Flares
  • System repair

Attack Helicopters:

  • AH-64GX Apache Warchief
  • KA-520 Super Hokum


  • Autocannon
  • Light rockets
  • Heavy rockets
  • Homing rockets


  • TOW missile
  • Air-to-ground missile
  • Lock-on ground missile


  • Detection jammer
  • Flares
  • System Repair


  • 30mm cannon

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