Destiny 2 Season 16: When will the Trailer be released?

Destiny 2 Season 16

Many gaming fans are wanting to know about Destiny 2 Season 16 and we have all the latest info in regards to the trailer.

Season 15, also known as Season of the Lost, has been a huge success and developers Bungie will be having to make season 16 even better.

The free-to-play multiplayer game has been a huge success and no doubt a big reason for this has been due to the fact that the game has brought out seasons.

Not only do they add more content to the game, they also gift players big rewards to make the Destiny experience even better.

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When will the Destiny 2 Season 16 Trailer be released?

Every time a new Destiny 2 season comes out, we are treated to a great trailer which builds excitement amongst the gaming community.

We will have to wait as this has not been released yet. Typically, a new season comes out every three months in Destiny 2.

With Season 15, also known as Season of the Lost, released on August 24th 2021, we will most likely have to wait until mid-October (around Thursday 14th October 2021) until we see Season 16 released.

When official confirmation for the start of season 16 is revealed, we will be sure to update you as soon as possible.

With this in mind, it is most likely that we see a new trailer released for season 16 around Friday 1st October 2021.

We always know that a new season will bring about an abundance of new items, but we are never officially told what they are until a new season or event goes live.

Developers Bungie therefore have quite some time to perfect the season and make sure it is as good as possible for the Destiny community.

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