WWE: Sami Zayn contract not expiring in Fall 2021

Sami Zayn WWE contract not expiring in Fall 2021

After reports of Kevin Owens’ contract expiring in January 2022, some details have emerged regarding the status and future of his former tag team partner, Sami Zayn.

Rumours indicated that Zayn’s deal with WWE was set to expire in the fall of 2021, but it appears that the speculation may have been slightly wide of the mark.

Fightful Select notes that WWE sources had confirmed to them that Zayn’s deal is “not up in the fall”. However, there is no word on when his deal is actually going to expire.

In reaching out to WWE sources about Zayn’s contract and the length of it, all we were told is “It’s not up in the fall.” Zayn has not commented on the matter as of yet. We’ll keep working to find out more information on his deal.

Fightful note that they are going to be working to find out more information about when Sami Zayn’s deal is set to expire and his status within the company, so stay tuned for any future updates on that.

Sami Zayn signed with WWE in January 2013, and has gone on to hold the NXT Champion and the Intercontinental Champion on two separate occasions while working for the company.

The speculation about Sami Zayn’s deal started when it was reported that Kevin Owens contract is set to expire in January 2022, with reports suggesting that the internal belief is that KO is going to leave when his deal is up.

As noted, while we know that Sami Zayn’s deal is not coming up this fall, specifics about when the SmackDown star is out of contract aren’t yet known, so stay tuned to GiveMeSport for any additional updates on the matter.

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