Deathloop: New Trailer Revealed at Playstation Showcase Event


Upcoming action game Deathloop is on its way and the gaming community will be delighted to see that a new trailer for the game was revealed at the Playstation Showcase Event.

The game will see gamers play as an assassin, but this assassin has one issue, they are stuck repeating the same day over and over again.

It will be intriguing to see how the story plays out and how players will be able to get out of this time loop, but the game seems quite different to others out at the moment and due to this, you could see many wanting to play the game.

A new trailer coming out would have been a big surprise for the Deathloop community, and it gave a great glimpse of what players will be able to do in the game.

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Deathloop Trailer Revealed at Playstation Showcase Event

Playstation had a huge event called Playstation Showcase on Thursday 9th September 2021, and this gave players of the console a look at some of the new and upcoming games.

We saw games like Spiderman, Wolverine, God of War Ragnorok and Guardians of the Galaxy feature. These were not really surprises as we had no information on the games prior to the event.

Deathloop was already known and a lot of official confirmation around the game had already come out, so it was a surprise to see a small trailer drop at the event.

Although it was only 18 seconds long, it revealed a lot and showed some great gameplay clips. It told us that you have eight targets to assassinate, but it won’t be easy, as you have to try and do it in 24 hours and you are up against a rival assassin.

This game looks to be very exciting, and no doubt many will be wanting to purchase a copy when it is released on Tuesday 14th September 2021. This trailer will most likely be the last sneak peak we get before full release as it is only days away.

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