How Ronaldo Has Changed | What Ronaldo Brings "Back" to Manchester United


With Cristiano Ronaldo's pending return to Manchester United, we take a look at how the 5 time Ballon d'Or winner has changed since leaving Manchester United in 2009.

1. Vision


Ronaldo possesses an underrated creative quality, his ability to play key passes & balls into the half-spaces for his teams is seldom discussed by football fans. With the impeccable movement of Cavani, Rashford, and Bruno Fernandes from deep Ronaldo will have ample opportunity to open doors for his Manchester United teammates.  

2. Breaking Lines


Ronaldo's ability to play off of the shoulders of his marker has developed exponentially over the past 12 seasons. He has slowed in recent years by timing beats speed, and Ronaldo will consistently break the opponents' lines this season. 

3. Dribbling & Player Attraction


During Ronaldo's first spell in the Premier League his dribbling ability and flare was world-leading, over the years (mainly due to age) CR7 has adapted his style to manage his career, however, his capability to attract his opponent has not slowed down, Ronaldo will create a lot of space for his team-mates. 

4. Unexpected Goals


Ronaldo has scored more goals than any other football player in the history of the sport. He still at 36 outperforms his xG and this is largely down to his uncanny knack for scoring goals from impossible situations. 

5. Improved Hold-Up Play


Cristiano's hold-up play is hugely underrated. With Bruno Fernandes running from deep, Edinson Cavani pulling the centre backs apart and Greenwood & Rashford making their diagonal runs, coupled with Ronaldo ability to hold the ball, attract opponents & feed teammates it is promising to be a very exciting season ahead. 

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