WWE: Paul Heyman talks Becky Lynch’s potential as a heel on WWE SmackDown

Paul Heyman talks Becky Lynch being a heel on SmackDown

'Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief' Paul Heyman recently discussed the potential for Becky Lynch as a heel/tweener character on WWE SmackDown.

Lynch made a shock return to the company at SummerSlam, and her on-screen character has made a notable change since re-appearing, acting like a heel on SmackDown programming.

Although 'The Man' herself denies (in character) that she is portraying a villain, Heyman would discuss the potential of the SmackDown Women's Champion in a role similar to that of WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Speaking to Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post, Heyman would describe the initial audience reaction to the recently returned SmackDown Superstar.

“If the audience wants to embrace Becky Lynch as she shows this side of her personality after taking a year and a half off, after having a baby, becoming a mother, the responsibilities and the obligations and accountabilities that go along with the role in her life then if the audience wants to embrace Becky Lynch, embrace Becky Lynch. And if the audience finds that is a saltier side of her personality that’s worthy of their contempt and disdain then they will bestow upon her a reaction that is akin to that emotion.”

Heyman, who famously booked the ECW promotion during the 90s, would also discuss the concept of heels and faces on WWE programming.

“I’m not a big believer in the positioning of people as protagonists and antagonists, I think these personalities have multiple sides to them. Events in life will change your perspective, demeanor and the way you address people.

"So, if there is a more coarse side of Becky’s personality that is now coming to the forefront and you’re a fan of Becky then embrace it and accept it.

“And if you just judge someone by their immediate actions and their short-term perspective then I guess you now have a villain for whom you can root against.”

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