Cristiano Ronaldo: Anthony Joshua sends message to Man Utd star ahead of second debut


The entire sporting world is currently seated with their eyes firmly set on Old Trafford, where a certain Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to make his second debut for Manchester United, the club where this Portuguese prodigy turned into arguably the greatest icon the sport has ever seen.

And when a player of such stature is set for his homecoming, there’s hardly anyone who won’t have something to say about it.

And British boxing sensation Anthony Joshua’s no exception to that, who feels that Cristiano’s made a very brave decision.

Speaking to Man Utd legend Rio Ferdinand for William Hill, per The Mirror, he said:

“Joining United is a tough ask, it’s a lot of pressure that he’s going to be under. I’ve got to give him credit for that.”

In response to which, Ferdinand said:

“He (Ronaldo) doesn’t feel pressure, he expects it. He’s gone to United to win trophies and if they don’t win trophies he’ll see that as a disappointment.”


And then we had a full-fledged debate.

“This is fascinating,” Joshua said.

“What it tells me is when you face that adversity, you’ve given yourself every advantage whether that’s a chef or a masseuse to pull yourself out at the last minute.


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“He knew how tough it was to reach his level. Being great is about going that extra mile time and time again.”

And Rio finally concluded:

“Ronaldo was a visionary. When at United, he built a team around himself. I went round to his house one day and there were six or seven people in his living room.

“I asked who they were and it was his personal masseuse, nutritionist, physio, Dr, chef. No one else was doing that then. People were laughing at him at the time for doing extras but when he won the Ballon d’or (2008), everyone started copying him.”

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