Football Manager: When Andros Townsend's wife thought he'd missed training

Andros Townsend and his wife

Football Manager has been cited for a reason behind divorces down the years.

Usually, one person in the relationship gets far too addicted to the popular video game that their partner gets fed up and leaves.

However, the game almost caused a divorce for an entirely different reason involving footballer Andros Townsend.

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If you haven’t heard this story before, you’re in for an absolute treat.

The winger was at Tottenham when he received a rather message asking why he’s been fined for not showing up to training.

He soon worked out that she had seen a screenshot from Football Manager.

Townsend appeared on talkSPORT earlier this year to tell the story.

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“I get a text from her one day and I receive a screenshot from Twitter,” he said.

“As you do, she was searching my name on Twitter and a fine came up – Andros Townsend accepts his fine for reporting late to training.

“So her mind is going off; if he wasn’t at training and he wasn’t at home then where was he? It could have been a real sticky one!

“But she’s messaged me and it turns out the screengrab is from the popular video game Football Manager.

“Someone’s obviously posted in on Twitter having a laugh on Football Manager and she’s thought it was real!”

Back in 2015, Townsend posted the conversation with his partner, Hazel O’Sullivan, which told the whole story.

Hazel: “When did you get fined for not showing up to training”.

Hazel: “Just saw on Twitter”.

Andros: “Huh?’”

Andros: “I got fined?’”

Andros: “Show me”.

*Hazel attaches the Football Manager screenshot*

Hazel: “???’”

Hazel: “Maybe it’s a joke is it?’”

Andros: “Hahahahaha are you joking??’”

Hazel: “I dunno??”

Absolutely brilliant.

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