Football Manager: Lad gets told off by boss for playing game at work


A man has been caught playing Football Manager at work, resulting in a stern telling off from his boss.

If you’ve played FM, you know how addictive it can be.

Setting up tactics, developing young players, winning silverware – there are many aspects of the simulation game which keep you coming back for more, as Ben from Melbourne will attest to.

Whilst bored on his shift at a bottle shop, Ben came up with the idea of downloading FM on his work computer. His plan was to kick off a new save with Norwich City whilst presiding over the shop.

It took around 20 minutes to download the game and get it up and running, but then a party pooper deleted it off the work computer.

Fortunately for Ben, when he turned up for work for his next shift, the game files were still saved so he was able to take charge of Norwich once again.

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He thought he’d pulled off something special, with a seven-hour shift ahead, the Australia native would be kept busy with the task of securing promotion for The Canaries.

However, having reviewed the CCTV footage, Ben was caught by his manager, who promptly asked him to stop playing and refill all the fridges.

Ben has been an avid FM fan for at least eight years now and claims it’s one of the most realistic games out there.

He enjoys managing smaller teams and helping them improve; his previous saves include the likes of Luton Town and Bundesliga side Stuttgart.



Despite being caught red handed at work, he’s still determined to finish his task of getting Norwich back to the Premier League and has uploaded all his save files onto the cloud.

He might not be playing at work again, but in the spirit of true FM players, he’ll continue to play in his leisure hours, getting his addictiveness rating up in the process.

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