Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Is KAY/O getting buffs?

Fans react to KAY/O getting buffed in Valorant

Agent KAY/O was only introduced into the Valorant meta back in June 2021, but the character will hopefully be getting buffed in the next couple of months.

The Initiator Agent is fairly underwhelming when you compare to other Agents in the same category in the meta; thus fans have been requesting that this gets addressed by the developer.

Much like Yoru, KAY/O is being looked at by Riot Games as an Agent they want to make changes to as early as possible in Episode 3.

Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm, a developer at Riot, confirmed that the team are looking at making changes to KAY/O, as the Agent currently is weak in matchmaking. He said: “Kayo’s weak in matchmaking. Likely needs buffs – we’re investigating.

“Weapon balance is looking pretty good for the most part, but we think there are some opportunities for us to make things feel better.

“No big outlier balance issues, though, primarily design philosophy stuff.”

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Is KAY/O getting buffed?

Much like the recent reports of Yoru getting buffed at “some time in the future,” we do not currently have a definitive date as to when Riot will be implementing the changes that fans want to see for KAY/O.

Interestingly, the changes for Yoru are apparently close to finished, but it is just finding the resource and time to implement these changes. This is something that fans have been concerned about as Riot have been vague on the situation surrounding the duelist.

The buffs mentioned for KAY/O seem to be a more immediate concern for Riot. However, at this point, there’s no real confirmation as to when Riot will be able to get these changes sorted in the meta.

KAY/O has just a 43.6% win rate in ranked games; which is only ahead of the Japanese duelist Yoru, so there are clearly issues that need to be resolved.

The Pick Rate for KAY/O is also not that impressive, as he sits fourth from the bottom just above Astra, Breach and Yoru with a rate of 11.2%

Whatever Riot does change for the character will make a significant difference in the game, as they need to be careful not to buff the character too much to create an imbalance in the rest of the meta.

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