Emma Raducanu: Leylah Fernandez fans fume after controversial US Open Final moment

Emma Raducanu Leylah Fernandez

A thrilling US Open final between Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez saw the 18-year-old Briton make history for her country.

The all-teenage event was a relentless fixture of cat and mouse between the two rising stars. Right up until Raducanu's winning shot, barely anything could separate the pair.

However, despite Fernandez ultimately being magnanimous in her defeat, the Canadian's fans have slammed her opponent for suspected time-wasting during the second set. 

During a crucial point in the set, a medical timeout was called to patch up Raducanu, who cut open her knee during a rally. 

Prior to the break in play, Fernandez had bounced back into fiery form after slipping 5-3 behind the Brit. The Canadian was visibly frustrated with the timeout and argued the decision with the referee.

Fans of Raducanu slammed Fernandez for being unsportsmanlike – but the 19-year-old praised her opponent during the awards ceremony and was gracious in her loss.

Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez

However, despite Fernandez's acceptance of being out-played by Raducanu, her supporters are still riled up over the injury situation.

One Twitter user accused Raducanu of "milking an injury" while another said there was "no reason" for the delay that "broke Leylah's momentum."

The 2021 US Open final was the first time these two women have faced each other on a professional level.

In their first meeting, they delivered one of the most thrilling tennis matches of the year and we can only expect more entertainment from the pair when they meet again.

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