Messi vs Ronaldo: Peter Crouch admits he may have to switch camps


Who is the greatest footballer to have ever lived?

It is a debate that has raged on for generations but has never been more hotly contested than it is now.

With Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both redefining the word ‘great’ on a weekly basis, the argument surrounding who is greater has reached dizzying new heights.

Both camps are deeply entrenched in their ways, prepared to fight to the death to defend the claim of their chosen superstar.

When one faction lobs out a remarkable stat, the other bats it back with something incredible of their own.

When one titan fires a potentially crippling shot, the other responds with something jaw-dropping to level the playing field once again.


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In truth, it is a debate that may never be settled but it certainly has taken an interesting turn in the last few months.

For the first time ever Messi will be playing for someone other than Barcelona while Ronaldo has returned home to his beloved Manchester United and the Premier League.

And, after just one supreme 90-minute showing for the Red Devils, Ronaldo may be starting to convince even long-time Messi fans that they have chosen the wrong side.

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Peter Crouch is one of those who has all of sudden had to reconsider his loyalties, writing in his Daily Mail column that he may have to consider switching sides.

“I have always been a Lionel Messi man. A gift from God. The poise, elegance and everything that goes with his genius is spellbinding.

“But we have reached the stage now where every single record is being broken by the other man in the conversation.


“A change of heart, a switch of sides, could potentially be on its way. Are you even allowed to cross that divide? What are the repercussions?”

Sounds like there is a stirring inside Crouchy’s heart.

Ronaldo really was a class above against Newcastle on the weekend.


His two goals drove United to a comfortable win while his mere presence seemed to inspire his teammates to greater heights.

With the talismanic 36-year-old as their spearhead, United genuinely could achieve anything this season.

Whether or not he is better than the magical Messi, however, is something we’ll leave to you to decide. 

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