WWE: Drew McIntyre, Edge & Becky Lynch - Who should swap brands in the upcoming Draft?

WWE Draft

According to reports, the WWE Draft is slated to kick off on the October 1 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, carrying over to the October 4 episode of Monday Night Raw.

The draft is always a time for WWE to breath some fresh air into the rosters, allowing for fresh feuds and matchups amongst the rosters.

With AEW on the rise and interest in the WWE product arguably not at the highest right now, it's essential that WWE gets it right with the Draft, making Raw and SmackDown feel like must-see TV once again.

The rosters are also rather unbalanced right now, with SmackDown possessing many of WWE's top stars, so the company and likely the USA Network will be hoping that this is addressed next month.

In this feature piece, we are going to take a look at the five WWE Superstars who should switch brands next month in the WWE Draft, listing the reasons why, and some potential matchups for them on their new homes.

1. Big E


 The first WWE Superstar who should switch brands in the WWE Draft is Big E, with it being a great idea to move the 2021 Men's Money in the Bank ladder match winner to Monday Night Raw.

Not only would this reunite Big E with his New Day stablemates, something that would be welcomed by many, but it would open the door to a feud between Bobby Lashley and Big E over the WWE Championship.

Right now, there aren't many top challengers on Raw for Bobby Lashley to defend his title against, but a championship feud with Big E would certainly be something that would get fans tuning into Monday Night Raw.

Of course, there could be the temptation to keep Big E on SmackDown to feud with Roman Reigns, but with the blue brand stacked with top talent, a switch of brands is exactly what the former NXT star needs.

2. Asuka

Asuka WWE

While she is rumoured to be injured right now, Asuka should definitely be someone that WWE looks to move over to SmackDown in the upcoming draft.

It's evident that, despite her undeniable talent, WWE doesn't see a place for Asuka on the Raw women's roster, but there are certainly several exciting feuds for the former NXT star on SmackDown.

Whether it's a feud with Becky Lynch, a series of matches with Sasha Banks or a program with Bianca Belair, the opportunities for 'The Empress of Tomorrow' are endless on Friday Night SmackDown.

3. Edge

Edge WWE

While technically a free agent, the abundance of top stars on Friday Night SmackDown right now should free Edge up to working more on Monday Night Raw.

Edge has been working with SmackDown stars for much of 2021, but a move over to Raw has to be something that WWE is considering for the Hall of Famer.

Edge has spoken about his desire to work with various members of the Raw roster, including AJ Styles and Riddle, so a move to the red brand seems like it would also be something that would appeal to him.

Edge has a balance of still being able to go in the ring, while also having the legacy of a Hall of Famer. He'd be a welcomed addition to the Monday Night Raw roster.

4. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch WWE

This one might be a bit of a strange pick, seen as Becky Lynch has only just arrived on SmackDown, but you have to think that the USA Network will be hoping for a star of her credentials.

Lynch is undeniably one of the biggest stars on WWE's books right now, so the USA Network will likely be hoping to pick up 'The Man' as WWE looks to balance its rosters.

Should Lynch drop the SmackDown Women's Championship to Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules, then moving her over to Raw for a high-profile feud with Charlotte Flair as we head into 2022 wouldn't be the worst idea.

5. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre WWE

A brand switch that has been heavily rumoured already, and one that should certainly happen, is Drew McIntyre moving over to Friday Night SmackDown.

Drew has done all that there is to do on WWE Raw over the last few years, so a move over to the blue brand would do wonders for his career, and for the brand as a whole.

McIntyre had a great match with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series last year, and there is a legitimate argument to suggest that Drew should be the man to take the Universal Championship away from The Tribal Chief.

With fresh matches with the likes of Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and the aforementioned Roman Reigns all possibilities, you have to say that McIntyre is one of the first stars to move over in the draft.

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