Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Italian GP crash: Valtteri Bottas' live reaction goes viral


The Italian Grand Prix this weekend had everything you could want in a sporting event. Excitement, passion and certainly drama.

McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo finished first, but a big crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen stole the headlines.

The crash between the two title contenders meant great news for McLaren, as after Ricciardo finished first, his teammate Lando Norris crossed the line second. This resulted in a McLaren 1-2 for the first time since 2010.

Verstappen and Hamilton both had their own versions of how and why the crash happened, with the former saying: "We knew it would be tight. I went around the outside and he kept on squeezing me. I just wanted to race. People will start to talk about Silverstone but I didn't expect him to keep on squeezing and squeezing because we still would've had a car's width out of turn two."

Hamilton maintained his stance, however, telling Sky Sports: "It's the same scenario that happened at Turn Four [at Imola earlier in the season] where I was in the same position as Max and I gave way, that's racing - this time he didn't want to give way.



"He knew what was going to happen as soon as he went over the kerb but he didn't back out - I don't know what else to say."

A bright moment from all the madness, however, was Valtteri Bottas' live reaction to watching the crash for the very first time.

A cheeky grin and a smirk that could rival a Cheshire cat. It was almost as if he was smiling through the chaos, or just smirking at the fact both men wiped each other out.


Either way, his reaction soon went viral on Twitter.

Hamilton's teammate Bottas finished third in Italy and is also third in the driver standings, while Verstappen still occupies top spot.

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