Meet Jack Della Maddalena, the Aussie UFC hopeful with a 100% finish rate

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to land a UFC contract.

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to become the latest Australian to be signed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

Australia's Della Maddalena, 25, will face Switzerland's Ange Loosa in a welterweight bout on Dana White's Contender Series at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on September 14.

But despite having the weight of a nation on his young shoulders the former Eternal MMA welterweight champion insists he is feeling no pressure at all as he prepares for arguably the biggest fight of his career to date. 

"It means a lot but to be honest it doesn't actually feel a whole lot different to any other fight I've ever had," Della Maddalena told GIVEMESPORT.

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"It pretty much feels the same, obviously we're in a different place than we usually would be, but we're pretty much doing the same stuff.

"We've had a good relaxing lead-up, because we literally don't have anything to do out here except eat and train and relax, so it's probably been the best camp or the best finish to a camp I've ever had."

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'This is Jack's first camp without a job'

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to land a UFC contract.

Fighting out of Scrappy MMA & Fitness in Willetton, Western Australia, Della Maddalena (9-2) recently left his day job chasing invoices to pursue a career as a fulltime mixed martial artist. 

His head coach Ben Vickers chimes in: "In the four weeks prior in Scrappy with Jack training for his fight, we've had a pro training camp, we've finally got enough fighters to have daytime classes, because this is Jack's first camp without a job."  

"The training has been awesome," Della Maddalena said. 

"But it's mainly I feel like the big difference is in the recovery and stuff, not having to squeeze training sessions in, I get as much sleep as I need, then train and have time to prepare good food, then train again.

"So there's like, no rush for time as there was before, so it's definitely been the best camp I've ever had, or the best year of training I've had so far. It just makes life way easier."

'You can definitely do whatever you want to do in this sport if you stick at it'

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to land a UFC contract.

Backed by the financial might of Conor McGregor's talent agency Paradigm Sports, the 25-year-old has also received some 'positive' words of encouragement from UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski

"He did commentate on one of my fights," he revealed.

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"I spoke to him after and he didn't give me any specific advice but he was positive and he said that you can definitely do whatever you want to do in this sport if you stick at it sort of thing.

"Having someone like an Australian guy, rugby player, become a champion definitely makes the dream that I've got seem a lot more, not that I ever thought it was out of my reach, but it definitely makes it feel that much closer."

Ben Vickers butts in again: "A couple of years ago [former UFC fighter] Jesse Taylor came over.

"He's a friend of mine from back in the day and he was in Perth doing some seminars.

"He came over and did some training with Jack, and the first day he just rocked up and thought it would be easy.

"I think he just took his foot off the gas, he was a bit high like Jesse Taylor is most of the time, and then Jack f------ pieced him up. 

"When you know you can hang with a guy like that, it's got to give you the confidence that you do stack up with the top guys.

"And that was the sign for me that we were on the right track and could do massive things together."

'I'm excited to hopefully open the doors for other people from our gym in Perth'

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to land a UFC contract.

Della Maddalena, who recently left the Eternal MMA promotion, boasts a perfect 100% finish rate of nine knockouts from each of his nine victories.

The 25-year-old is currently riding an impressive nine-fight winning streak. 

And the former rugby player has pledged to 'open the doors' to other fighters from his home country if he manages to secure a lucrative UFC contract on Tuesday.  

"I'm definitely feeling the love," Della Maddalena added. 

"I'm excited to hopefully open the doors for other people from our gym in Perth. 

"We have good fighters from Australia, so I'm just hoping to do my thing, and hopefully we can open up some doors and get some bigger events happening near home and get these fighters their opportunities as well.

"But yeah, same thing. I don't really get too worried about all that sort of stuff. I'm pretty much laser focused.

"But yeah, I do see that it's going to be a good opportunity, not just for me, but also for everyone around me." 

Jack Della Maddalena is hoping to land a UFC contract.

It's not just Volkanovski who is mightily impressed either; fellow UFC fighters Israel Adesanya and Brad Riddell have also voiced their support.

Vickers, the co-owner of Eternal MMA, chips in again: "We've done a bit of work with Brad and Izzy.

"Brad's come to the gym twice and taught us some things, and Izzy, he came once with Brad and gave us some of his input.

"Brad reached out before we left, didn't he, and yeah, wished us well."

Della Maddalena responded by saying: "Yeah, Brad's a good guy, he always seems to give me his support, which is cool. He's a good fighter, I look up to him, so that's cool."

Vickers concluded: "I think all the ANZAC guys sort of band together, and it's a close knit community here, everyone knows everyone, and everyone roots for everyone.

"Like I guess in America, the talent pool's so big that everyone's f------, my gym, my people, me.

"Whereas we're this little place that no-one's heard of and we want to show these people that we can scrap." 

Dana White's Contender Series, featuring Jack Della Maddalena vs. Ange Loosa, will be available to stream live on UFC Fight Pass at 1am in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

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