Battlefield Mobile: Beta Dates Have Been Announced

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile will be released in 2022 and the beta dates for the game have finally been announced.

It already has a lot of gaming fans excited, and there is a lot of pressure from the developers to deliver a great game for mobile devices.

Hopefully players who get their hands on the beta will enjoy the game and it will be the first time that the game will be available for gamers, so it is a big moment for the developers.

Now that the beta dates have been announced, excitement can start to build even more and we will reveal all around the beta goes live.

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Beta Dates Have Been Announced for Battlefield Mobile

The beta is not available for everyone, but for those who are lucky enough to be a part of it, they have to know the dates it is playable as they won’t be allowed to play it outside of these dates.

This latest news was revealed on social media by Battlefield Mobile Leaks and News and the page emphasised we do not have long to wait at all to play the beta.

The dates that the Battlefield Mobile beta will come out is Wednesday 22nd September 2021, barring any delays. The Twitter page revealed that the beta could possibly come out a few days earlier or later than September 22nd if there are any issues.

The beta will also only have one map and one game mode at the start of its release. The map name is Grand Bazaar and the game mode name is called Conquest.

This is very exciting news as the gaming community only has around a week to wait until the beta comes out.

What some players would like to see is maps from the Battlefield franchise over the years make a return in the mobile game.

Hopefully, if the beta succeeds, we will be treated to more maps and game modes over the next few months to give us a better insight into what the game has to offer.

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