WWE Raw: Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss brawl ahead of Extreme Rules

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair

Tensions are rising ahead of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view as Charlotte Flair prepares to defend her Raw women's title against Alexa Bliss at the end of the month.

The Queen accepted the title match last week after Bliss cut short her celebrations in the aftermath of defeating Nia Jax to retain the red brand belt.

On Monday, the mind games continued as Bliss appeared once again to gatecrash a Flair victory.

After an in-house rivalry between Jax and Shayna Baszler stopped The Irresistible Force from becoming the new Raw women's champion, roles were reversed as The Queen of Spades took on Flair this week.

For The Queen, it was another successful day at the office, albeit with a helping hand from outside the ring.

Jax got her revenge on her partner by distracting Baszler, giving Flair the opening to land a boot to the face before pinning her opponent.

But just like last week, The Queen's celebrations were short-lived as Bliss and Lilly showed up to the party with a gift-wrapped present in hand.

The WWE fans in attendance were lapping up the back-and-forth between the two women as Bliss insisted Flair accept her gift.

Inside the box was Charly, a Lilly-esque demonic doll, with blonde hair, a purple sparkly robe and a Raw women's champion belt around its waist. 

Bliss and the crowd were delighted, but The Queen was far from happy.

"I'll have Mattel send your very own Charlotte Flair action figure when you get locked up in that padded cell. But until then, I'm going to adult you into Extreme Rules," Flair said before throwing Charly straight at a disheartened-looking Bliss.

But the sadness quickly faded as Twisted Bliss attacked the champion in an explosive bout of rage.

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

Flair was dumped onto the canvas before leaving the ring and indeed, her belt behind. As Bliss' entrance music boomed around the arena, she held the belt high above her head and simply smirked.

The Raw Women's Championship title match is certainly going to be one to watch out for at Extreme Rules.

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