Tekken 8: News, Release Date, Characters, PS5, Nintendo Switch And Everything You Need To Know

Tekken 8 is expected to be released in 2022.

Tekken 8 is finally coming after all these years the excitement is starting to build for its arrival in the coming months.

The hugely successful beat 'em up franchise has a star-studded history in the gaming industry that goes right back to the late 1990s and into the early 2000s

Unsurprisingly, this has attracted a rather seismic fanbase who have been curious for some time whether Bandai Namco Studios, the game's developers, will bring out the eighth instalment to the series.

Thanks to a leak from Nvidia, this looks like it is the case! So scroll down so you can find out everything that you need to know regarding Tekken 8:

Latest News

UPDATE 14th October: Gamers are beginning query platform availability for Tekken 8 and whether PS4 players will be accounted for.

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UPDATE 23rd September: The pressure is on for Bandai Namco Studios to please the fans by including their favourite fighters.

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One user on Twitter has revealed that Tekken 8 is now listed as a game title on YouTube! This could indicate that the game is in the works and this is certainly exciting news.

Tekken 8 listed as game title on YouTube - @LifeWillChange_

Release Date

At this time, no official release date has been confirmed by Bandai. But with the calendar year coming to a close and information still limited on Tekken 8, we don't expect it to be launched until at least 2022.

Of course, this can change at any point and we will update this section as soon as more information is revealed in due course - stay tuned!


Tekken 8 Characters

With lots of new characters making their debut in Tekken 7 such as Leroy Smith, Katarina and Fahkumram, we expect the same to happen in Tekken 8.

We would only be speculating at this stage as no official announcement as made regarding the new faces to the game. As mentioned above, this section will be updated once details emerge.

Is Tekken 8 coming to PS5?

Nothing has been confirmed by Bandai at this stage, but we do expect Tekken 8 to be available for PS5. We would be hugely surprised if this wasn't the case. We will go into further detail once the developers confirm this.

Is Tekken 8 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Even though Bandai had close connections with Nintendo and have made several of their previous games available on last-gen devices before, it is unclear whether this will be the case for the Nintendo Switch.

Once we find out for sure, return here and we will provide you with all of the information that you need!

Read more: Is Tekken 8 coming to Nintendo Switch?

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