Valorant Masters Berlin: Pick and Win Rates During the Group Stages

Here are the Win and Pick Rates from Valorant Masters Berlin

We’re extremely close to finding out who will make it through the Group Stages of Valorant Masters Berlin and on to the Play-off rounds.

The best Valorant teams in the world have been competing over the past week and will continue to do so until Sunday 19th September to determine who has the best LAN roster in the eSport.

We’ve compiled the Pick and Win rates for pro players during the tournament thus far, and there isn’t too much of a surprise when it comes to who is sitting at the top of the pile, and who is languishing at the bottom.

@runitback_gg had an extremely useful list of data referring to the Pick and Win Rates of players during the Group Stages of Masters Berlin:

Pick Rate

Jett: 80.9%
Sova: 64.7%
Skye: 58.8%
Astra: 57.4%
Viper: 48.5%
Killjoy: 44.1%
Sage: 44.1%
Raze: 30.9%
Reyna: 23.5%
Cypher: 13.2%
Breach: 10.3%
Omen: 8.8%
Brimstone: 7.4%
KAY/O: 4.4%
Phoenix: 2.9%
Yoru: 0%

Longtime followers of Valorant as an eSport will not be shocked at all by the top and bottom of this list.

Jett has been one of the strongest Agents in the meta for quite some time, and fans have been absolutely desperate for Yoru to get buffed over the last couple of Episodes.

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It’s also a good reflection of where the likes of Sova, Skye, Omen and Brimstone all sit in the Tiers of Agents in the current Valorant meta.

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Here are the Win and Pick Rates from Valorant Masters Berlin

Win Rate

Jett: 50.9%
Sova: 50%
Skye: 47.5%
Astra: 48.7%
Viper: 57.6%
Killjoy: 53.3%
Sage: 46.7%
Raze: 47.6%
Reyna: 37.5%
Cypher: 55.6%
Breach: 28.6%
Omen: 50%
Brimstone: 80%
KAY/O: 66.7%
Phoenix: 50%
Yoru: 0%

Again, the win rate is not that shocking, except for Brimstone coming in at 80%! Jett and Sova would of course be higher if they were not picked by most teams, meaning that of course they wouldn’t be winning every match.

The Pick and Win rates for the Agents will likely continue in this vein as we head towards the Play-off section of the tournament.

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