Verstappen/Hamilton crash: Mika Hakkinen fires pair warning after latest incident


Two-time Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen has warned Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to not get complacent with safety after another coming together between the pair at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend.

The two title rivals have shared plenty of tarmac this season as they've battled for victories but in recent races they've started to tangle - a huge crash at Silverstone saw Max Verstappen retire and sent to hospital, whilst last weekend's incident ended up with the Dutchman's Red Bull car on top of Lewis' Mercedes, with the Briton needing strapping on his neck.

Thankfully, both remain in fighting fit condition ahead of the Russian Grand Prix in just over a week but the 'Flying Finn' Mika Hakkinen has revealed his concern for the way the pair are going about their business at the moment.

Writing in his regular Unibet column, he said:

"My old rivals Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher were involved in many controversial accidents, but in my opinion, it is always best to avoid the other guy and stay focused on winning.

“When you have contact you can never be certain what will happen. Your competitor might have a damaged car, but it can easily be your turn to suffer. There is no certainty about crashing into each other.

“It is so much better to focus on staying flat out, running the best strategy and accepting that you cannot win every race. Sometimes 2nd or 3rd is an important result, especially when you are trying to win a World Championship.


“In Silverstone Max was lucky not to be injured following his high-speed collision with Lewis. On Sunday we saw Lewis saved by the halo device.

“Two potentially serious accidents in four races is very concerning because none of us should take safety for granted. We cannot be complacent.

“This year’s World Championship is fantastic to watch and very close. I want to see Max and Lewis give 100% on every lap, but also wish to see them finish the races and stand on the podium. Let the results decide the championship, not the number of accidents.”


Mika was a driver of ferocious pace but also knew when to live for another day, and that's what made his title fights with Michael Schumacher so engrossing.

Hopefully, Verstappen and Hamilton can put these incidents behind them and sort this title fight out on the track.

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