Marvel's Wolverine: Latest Trailer Revealed has Excited Fans Ahead of Release

Marvel's Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine was recently announced at Playstation’s Showcase Event and we have the latest trailer for the game available in this article.

There were a lot of surprise Marvel reveals, including the announcement of Spider Man 2, as well as the reveal of gameplay in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The franchise has truly taken things up a level and the sheer amount of games coming out emphasises how popular they are at this current time. Not only are they successful in gaming, but also in the movie and TV world.

The Showcase Event was huge for Playstation and showed the sheer amount of great games the console will be releasing over the next few months.

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Marvel’s Wolverine Trailer Excites Gaming Community

Players love it when a new trailer comes out, and this Wolverine trailer went down amazingly with the fan base.

What was even better was the fact that this whole game and trailer was a surprise, and with no one expecting it, it sent the Marvel community crazy.

The video was just under a minute long, but that was enough as it showed Wolverine's claws come out of his hand as some people in a bar looked to pick up a fight with him. To view the trailer, watch the video down below.

No doubt there will also be longer trailers released for the gaming community closer to its release, which is currently unknown.

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For now, we do not know anything about when or where it will be set, but with the last Wolverine movie (Logan) being in the modern day, the only era that this game could be set in is the past.

There are so many villains that Wolverine could come up against, while it is also expected that many in the X-Men could feature in the campaign of this upcoming game.

Over the next few weeks more should be revealed around this latest Marvel game, including characters, game play and possible online features. Keep an eye on this page as we will be providing all the updates on Wolverine when they come out.

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