FIFA 22: What's the best edition this century ahead of new release?


On October 1, 2021, EA Sports will release one of the most anticipated games of the year and their latest edition to the ever-popular gaming franchise .

Since its inception in 1993, EA Sports’ FIFA games have amassed over 325 million sales across the franchise’s 28-year lifespan, making it the highest-selling sports video game in history.

But not all of its editions have been the polished article, and on the eve of the release of perhaps EA’s highest-performing instalment to the franchise FIFA 22, we’re going back through the Metacritic scores of each entrance to the FIFA franchise since EA Sports released FIFA 01 in 2000 on the original PlayStation.

From worst to best, here is how each of the last 21 FIFA games have been ranked, and the list starts with EA Sports’ most recent arrival FIFA 21.

21. FIFA 21 - 72/0.8

With its promised graphical improvements and in-game additions, FIFA 21 was perhaps the biggest letdown in the franchise’s history, obtaining a terrible user score of 0.8/10.

20. FIFA 20 - 79/1.2

You would have thought EA would have learnt from FIFA 20’s reception when building FIFA 21, but it appears they didn’t, with FIFA 20 also being a huge disappointment being only the second game on this list to have a rating of under 80.

19. FIFA 06 - 80/7.8

A huge throwback to the days of Ronaldinho and Rooney; many fans loved the skill moves you could do on this game. But critically, it wasn’t well-received, scoring a meagre 80 on Metacritic’s rankings.


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18. FIFA 08 - 81/7.1

Another low-scoring game from the naughties, FIFA 08 falls to a lowly 18th place despite its relatively high user score of 7.1.

17. FIFA 05 - 81/7.5

Despite being a classic of this gaming franchise, FIFA 05 wasn’t well-received critically, coming in at number 17 on the Metacritic list.

16. FIFA 16 - 82/4.4

Coming after the release of the PS4 and the Xbox One, many fans thought FIFA would speed up their graphics, but were left wanting after the slow frame rates in this entrant to the franchise.

15. FIFA 15 - 82/5.6

A strong addition to the franchise, but it didn’t do enough for fans to shake the mould, receiving a lowly 82 Metacritic score.



14. FIFA 02 - 82/6.1

One of the best and most revolutionary FIFA games interestingly introduced the power bar feature that has become synonymous throughout FIFA’s later editions.

13. FIFA 07 - 82/7.8

EA Sports introduced a totally new sports engine for FIFA 07, and while it enhanced the game mechanics, many critics didn’t rank the game highly on Metacritic, scoring it an 82.

12. FIFA 19 - 83/1.9

Despite introducing the Champions League and Europa League to the platform, this game wasn’t well-received by the fans, scoring a 1.9 user score.

11. FIFA 01 - 83/1.9

The oldest game on this list and the first FIFA game ever released on the PlayStation 2. This game is a classic and ranks a respectable 11th on our list.

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10. FIFA 18 - 84/3.4

Fans loved this game for its World Cup Mode, but it was another disappointment with severe bug issues plaguing the next-generation editions.

9. FIFA 04 - 84/6.4

Undercutting some of EA Sport’s more recent editions, FIFA 04 was a fan favourite, and its PlayStation 2 version received a “Double Platinum” sales award, with over 600,000 copies being sold in the United Kingdom alone.

8. FIFA 17 - 85/4.9

Despite having more graphic enhancements and game mechanics, it’s clear some of FIFA’s latest editions still can’t live up to some of EA’s classic games.

7. FIFA 14 - 87/6.3

The first FIFA title to be launched on next-generation consoles, FIFA 14 featured new graphical enhancements and shifting weather conditions that saw players leave footprints on the pitch. Plus, with its awesome soundtrack, this game comes in at eighth on the list.


6. FIFA 09 - 87/7.5

Introducing FIFA’s premier game mode Ultimate Team, fans were blown away at the prospect of being able to build their own teams and battle it out online. It is perhaps one of the best games to be created, but surprisingly doesn’t break the top five.

5. FIFA 13 - 88/6.7

Perhaps the best FIFA game to be released in the last 10 years, FIFA 13 ranks at number five on our Metacritic list.

4. FIFA 03 - 88/6.6

Nothing brings more nostalgia than loading up FIFA 03 on a PlayStation 2 and scoring wonder goals with Premier League legends like Thierry Henry and Ryan Giggs.

3. FIFA 11 - 89/8.1

This game takes a much-deserved spot in our rankings with the best user score on record. FIFA 11 didn’t break the mould of classic FIFA games, but its new and improved Career Mode was a fan favourite for many fans worldwide.


2. FIFA 12 - 90/7.2

Taking up the number two spot, FIFA 12 was revolutionary in terms of its gameplay, enhancing the skill moves players could do while giving players greater control and touch on the ball when dribbling.

1. FIFA 10 - 91/7.6

The game we all spent hours playing as kids, FIFA 10 balances all aspects, from gameplay to its game modes, to deliver one of the most fun games we have ever played. It knocks the socks off some of EA Sport’s more recent entrants to the franchise.

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