WWE: Paul Heyman suggests Brock Lesnar won't be returning to UFC

Paul Heyman suggests Brock Lesnar won't be returning to UFC

Paul Heyman has suggested that Brock Lesnar, having returned to WWE last month, won't be returning to UFC.

Brock Lesnar left UFC in 2011 to return to WWE in 2012. He returned to UFC during his WWE run in 2016, however his victory over Mark Hunt was later overturned due to a failed drug test.

Speaking to Z100, Paul Heyman suggested that Lesnar has nothing left to prove in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, saying that Lesnar will make a lot more money in WWE:

“Been there, done that. If you were to tell me that Brock Lesnar would have a shoot-out in soccer with Messi, that I believe. But he has already done the MMA schtick. He knocked out Randy Couture, took a beating from Shane Carwin. He’s a conqueror. What more can he do in the UFC that he hasn’t done? When Brock Lesnar went out for the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, he was 295 pounds, just suffered a motorcycle accident, and he had a torn groin, broken pelvis, a wired-shut jaw, and he still ran his 100-yard dash in Olympic qualifying time. He has nothing left to prove in MMA. He can make a lot more money in the WWE.”

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE at SummerSlam last month, confronting Universal Champion Roman Reigns following his main event win over John Cena.

WWE announced last night that the pair are going to be going one-on-one for the fifth time next month on October 21 in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel.

The match will potentially be for the Universal Championship, but that depends on whether or not Roman Reigns is able to defeat "Demon" Finn Balor at Extreme Rules later this month.

You can watch both WWE Extreme Rules and WWE Crown Jewel on September 26 and October 21 respectively, live here on the WWE Network.

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