FIFA 22 ratings: 12 players who weren't happy with their stats, featuring Liverpool trio

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EA Sports always cause a stir when they release their player ratings for each edition of FIFA.

To be fair, you've got to have your sympathises for the gaming giants because trying to objectively rank the best players in world football across countless attributes must make for a huge headache.

But alas, they welcome the controversy and debate with open arms each year and it provides fans with the perfect opportunity to go back and forth about whether or not they got things right.

FIFA 22 ratings revealed

Naturally, there are always a few statistics that get people's backs up and we've already picked 13 particularly bizarre ratings this year, but we're not alone in having a few things to say.

That's because each year sees the players themselves react to their latest FIFA ratings with many of them jokingly suggesting that EA either got their overall number or specific stats completely wrong.

Liverpool - AC Milan Champions League Highlights (Football Terrace)

And the FIFA 22 ratings haven't been any different with clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid creating videos that capture their players' first reaction to their new FUT cards.

It goes without saying that a few of the players were irked by what they saw and we've been inspired by a compilation from YouTuber 'MattHDGamer' to take a closer look at those examples.

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Players unhappy with their FIFA 22 ratings

So, without further ado, here are 12 footballers who weren't happy with their FIFA 22 ratings:

1. Patrick Bamford

From declaring that his FUT card was 'shocking' as soon as he laid eyes on it to tweeting three poo emojis on Twitter, it's fair to say that Bamford wasn't best pleased with his new stats.


2. Riyad Mahrez

An eye-roll and thinking emoji did all the talking for Mahrez as he expressed his disbelief on Twitter.


3. Antonio Rudiger

However, perhaps nobody expressed their disgust at the FIFA 22 ratings better on Twitter than Rudiger with the Chelsea general using speed data to prove that his pace stats were wrong.


4. Roberto Firmino

"I need to laugh because this is horrible," Firmino remarked. "My God, what happened here?" Yeh, it's a huge understatement to say that the Brazilian was miffed by his downgrade from 87 to 85.


5. Olivier Giroud

Upon finding out that he had been slapped with a 39 rating for pace, the former Arsenal striker hilariously responded: “Impossible! My three-year-old son’s got more than 39 pace.”


6. Declan Rice

"I'm not slow," Rice immediately bemoaned. "Mate, I'm convinced they just sit at a computer and they're just bored writing a thousand players and they just go: 'he's a sixty-something.' Brilliant.


7. Joel Matip

"I'm not really happy with this," Matip openly declared when he saw his FUT card for the first time and seemed to indicate that he thought being slapped with a pace rating of 58 was rather cruel.


8. Japhet Tanganga

In the words of the man himself: "How are they adding this up?! I'm not using myself. Who would use this?!"


9. Kevin De Bruyne

Naturally, KDB couldn't be displeased with a 91 rating that put him level with Cristiano Ronaldo, but he was having absolutely none of his pace stats and declared: "Zina is not quicker than me!"


10. Kalvin Phillips

When prompted to explain what he wasn't happy with upon discovering his FIFA 22 card, the England star named his overall rating and said that he was hoping for either 82 or 83 instead.


11. Hakan Calhanoglu

One of the tamer reactions, it must be said, but the Inter Milan magician made a point of looking down the camera lens to tell EA that he wasn't happy about his shooting stats.


12. Joe Gomez

When it was pointed out that his pace had decreased, Gomez amusing responded: "So, what evidence is this based on?" and quipped that there was more than a slight element of disrespect.


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Some amusing reactions

We only wish that we could have included Kyle Walker who amusingly went viral when De Bruyne and Phil Foden pranked him with a fake FUT card that claimed he only had 78 pace.

However, while EA have certainly released some questionable ratings over the years, we're relieved to say that they didn't butcher Walker's pace stats as the player himself eventually found out.

Nevertheless, it's always amusing to see year on year how certain players rate themselves within the FIFA parameters and how that compares to their actual FUT cards when they get to see them.



We'll just have to let you decide whether or not De Bruyne deserves a pace upgrade, Rice should have sharper passing, the 'Yorkshire Pirlo' needs an overall boost and so much more.

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