Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: 2021/22 Premier League stadiums ranked from worst to best


It's fantastic to see Premier League stadiums packed to the rafters once again.

After all the turmoil and stresses of the last 18 months, it's given everybody a boost to see arenas and grounds across the country full of the supporters that instil in them passion, soul and joy.

However, while every stadium has a special meaning to somebody, even the most idealistic of fans would have to admit that certain arenas make for better footballing theatres than others.

2021/22 Premier League stadiums

Whether that's down to the stadium architecture, the atmosphere itself, the quality of the facilities or even the tastiness of the pies, there are plenty of distinguishing factors between grounds.

But which Premier League arena stands out as the best of the best? Well, that's exactly the question that we've sought to tackle here at GIVEMESPORT through the medium of Tiermaker.

We have taken all 20 grounds in England's top-flight and ranked them across tiers ranging from 'Bottom of the barrel' to 'The GOAT' with four more sections in between.

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To achieve this order we're assessing the stadium structure, fan-led atmosphere, match-day experience - both anecdotally and from personal experience - as well as significance within the English game.

Ultimately, though, the decisions are completely subjective and based upon the opinion of your humble writer, so try not to take it too personally if your favourite stadium is ranked down low.

Besides, at the end of the day, every single stadium is somebody's favourite and that's what makes these cathedrals of the beautiful game so special.

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Ranking Premier League stadiums

But enough with the disclaimers because we know you're here for the rankings themselves, so be sure to dive right in and check out how we think the Premier League stadiums compare down below:

Bottom of the barrel

London Stadium and Turf Moor

Let's face it, the London Stadium is better suited to athletics than football and that couldn't be clearer than when you see West Ham fans sitting what feels like 200 metres back from the pitch.

And while we have a soft spot for the traditional feel to Turf Moor, even Burnley fans themselves must admit that it needs an upgrade as one of the sorrier stadiums in the Premier League.



Emirates Stadium, St. Mary's Stadium and Vicarage Road

A lot of my problems with modern stadiums in particular revolve around the fact that they tend to feel like copy-and-pasted round bowels with St. Mary's Stadium proving one of the worst offenders.

Vicarage Road admittedly has more in the way of uniqueness, but it's hardly a ground that neutral fans are desperate to make a pilgrimage to and it certainly feels a little on the small side.

And while Arsenal's arena might tick a lot of boxes for comfort and cuisine, there's no escaping the fact that it doesn't have half the character or acoustics that Highbury did.


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Better than most

Amex Stadium, Molineux, King Power Stadium, Selhurst Park, Brentford Community Stadium and Carrow Road

While, yes, you can absolutely accused the King Power of being just as boring in its design as St. Mary's, it's managed to haul its way into the higher tier due to its undeniably fantastic atmosphere.

And the same can be said of Selhurst Park because although it shares similar worn-out traits to Turf Moor, the Palace fans that populate its stands are some of the noisiest in the division.

Brighton and Brentford both have modern stadiums that hold on to their character and soul, while Carrow Road and Molineux have that classic English football feel that is gold dust these days.


Cracking day out

Etihad Stadium, Villa Park, Stamford Bridge and Goodison Park

Yes, the Etihad might be the butt of jokes when it comes to attendances, but their sub-par atmosphere is levelled out by the fact it's one of the league's most awe-inspiring structures.

And while Stamford Bridge certainly isn't without faults, there's something about the way its idiosyncratic layout tucked within west London makes it feel like such a footballing fortress.

As for Villa Park and Goodison Park, not only do they get top marks for the quirkiness and character that keeps neutral fans coming back, but they both serve as catalysts for an electric atmosphere.


God tier

St. James' Park, Elland Road, Old Trafford and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Look, Newcastle's home is the definition of a footballing cathedral with its towering Sir John Hall stand making it a must-visit for any away supporter - and that's not to mention the superb acoustics.

Then we come to two institutions of English football in Elland Road and Old Trafford that get full marks for significance even if one scores better for atmosphere and the other for architecture. No guesses for which way round that is...

And we don't even feel as though we need to justify the selection of Tottenham's new home because it might just be the most impressive and decked-out stadium in all of sport right now.




There can only be one. Not only have Liverpool mixed modernity and tradition beautifully by upgraded the ground without moving, but the atmosphere is amongst the best in sport as a whole.

Can you honestly look at a packed-out Kop singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' at the top of their voices in one of football's greatest cauldrons and not say it's the Premier League's best stadium?


Which stadium is the best?

So, there you have it, we have no doubt annoyed every English football fan and their dog with our rankings, but surely we can all agree that Anfield is deserving of top spot?

Ok, that's probably a loaded question unto itself, but it's credit to the 20 arenas across the Premier League that the debate surrounding the best and worst stadiums is such a passionate affair.

And besides, whether it's a blockbuster of a game or a special moment with loved ones, any stadium can feel like the best in the world under the right circumstances - and power to that.



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