Juventus' Paulo Dybala tamed the laws of physics with superb free-kick vs Lazio in 2017


Paulo Dybala is one of the most talented players in world football.

While claims that the Argentine would become the new Lionel Messi now seem as distant as they do laughable, there's no denying that he's got plenty to offer when it comes to raw footballing ability.

Besides, his Juventus career is a perfect illustration of his time in the professional game as a whole with immaculate seasons holding hands with years in which a move away appeared to be inevitable.

Dybala's Juventus career

Depending on the manager and system that was in place at the Allianz Stadium, Dyaba would either be one of Serie A's leading performers or regularly confined to the Old Lady's bench.

It's a situation that makes the 27-year-old both frustrating and enigmatic in equal measure, but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate the spectacular moments that have populated his career.

After all, even in years where it looked inevitable that Dybala would be packing his bags, you could rest assured that he would only ever be a few games away from producing a moment of magic.

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Dybala vs Lazio in 2017

And one instance of Dybala brilliance that always stands out for us came against Lazio in the 2017 Supercoppa Italiana where an inspired display from the Juve star flipped the game on its head.

Despite Massimiliano Allegri's men finding themselves 2-0 down to a Ciro Immobile brace going into the final five minutes, Dybala remarkably managed to level the scores with a last-gasp double.

Even more remarkably still, Lazio actually won the game even deeper into stoppage time courtesy of Alessandro Murgia's late winner, but that didn't take the sheen off Dybala's epic first goal.

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Dybala tames the laws of physics

That's because the Argentina star scored a free-kick with so much curve that replays from behind the strike made it look as though he had tamed the laws of physics.

Now, yes, that might sound dramatic, but reserve your judgement until you see the angle from behind Dybala because it really is something to behold - check out the footage down below:

That's the sort of curve that Roberto Carlos would be proud of.

Remarkable curve and whip

While the goal might simply look like a semi-decent free-kick from the normal television angle, it's that most dramatic of shots that really demonstrates how much whip that Dybala generated.

Even the angle where the goal posts are face on, which is more representative of the ball's exact trajectory, shows the degree to which Dybala's strike bent inside the post at the very last minute.



And it's moments like this that really go to show just how much ability, talent and potential that Dybala has in those boots. His career, just like the strike, has certainly been a wild ride.

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