Liverpool: Steven Gerrard's incredible assist vs Stoke City still needs explaining

Is this Steven Gerrard's greatest ever assist?

In his prime, there weren’t many footballers on the planet better than Steven George Gerrard.

The Liverpool legend was simply unplayable most of the time and he didn’t really have a specific weakness.

Gerrard could score goals at a rate most strikers would be proud of, possessed incredible playmaking ability and could dictate the tempo of a football match from a deep-lying position.

His knack of scoring wonder-goals is perhaps the current Rangers manager’s most famous trait and that’s no surprise whatsoever.

But as well as rippling the back of the net in an extraordinary manner, Gerrard regularly produced assists that left those watching open-mouthed.

According to his profile on Transfermarkt, the now 41-year-old assisted his teammates on 165 occasions throughout the course of his club career.

Gerrard with Liverpool

A whopping 150 of those were produced in a Liverpool shirt and perhaps the very best of them came in 2009 against Stoke City.

In a 4-0 victory for the Reds at Anfield, Gerrard decided to turn into Ronaldinho to help setup the team’s third goal, which was scored by Dirk Kuyt.

The English icon performed an insane spinning first touch to leave a Stoke player trailing his wake by the touchline, before teeing up Kuyt for a tap-in.

Take a look at one of the Premier League’s greatest ever assists here…

Video: Gerrard bamboozles Stoke with spinning first touch

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Outrageous, absolutely outrageous stuff from a player who made professional football look annoyingly easy at times.

After the match, Stoke’s Matthew Etherington felt it necessary to praise Gerrard’s outstanding assist to the rafters, stating that even the world’s best defender would have struggled to stop him that night at Anfield.

“Liverpool have got world-class players, especially when you see what Gerrard did for their third goal,” Etherington said.

“I do not think the best defender in the world would have expected him to do that. It was certainly the last thing I was expecting.”

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That’s what Gerrard was capable of, magical moments that made the sport of football look as beautiful as possible.

Kudos, Steven.

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