Mike Tyson wrestling his pet tiger in viral video clip proves he was truly bonkers


'The Baddest Man on the planet' was always famous for causing trouble in and out of the ring.

His behaviour and tendency to get into nonsense was what kept him in the limelight.

Despite all of this, Mike Tyson one of the most accomplished boxers of all time.

He held an amazing boxing record of 50-6, among which much of his victories came against some of the legends of the sport.

With such a record and a controversial personality, he was able to attract a large sum of money. 'Iron Mike' had reportedly earned a mammoth $300 million during his career.

With that 300 million in his pocket and already stirring the world, Tyson decided to go bonkers.


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Well, that was evident by the things he decided to spend it on.

Although no one knew what exactly was his motive behind many of his purchases, one purchase that caught the eye of many people was the acquiring of three rare Bengal Tigers.

As eerie it may sound, Mike had a bizarre taste in pets. Rather than going for an exquisite species of a parrot or some rare breed of dog, he decided to buy three massive carnivores.

Well, it seems to be fine until that point as we have heard even stranger interests seen in other places around the world. What astonished people the most was when 'Iron Mike' decided to wrestle with one of his tigers.

In a famous video from 1996, Tyson was sighted wrestling with one of his tigers. That was evidence enough to show how bonkers he was.

It was reported that he had spent at least $4000 every day on these giant cat's well being. Over time he had developed a strong bond with them as well, which was rare for Mike.

Unfortunately, his fierce friends were taken away when it was found that he did not have the right license to keep these cats. Eventually, they were sent to Colorado to be taken care of.

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