Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp accused of being 'a strange bloke' by ex-Premier League referee

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Jurgen Klopp is one of the greatest managers in Premier League history.

When you recall the rut that Liverpool found themselves in when Klopp took over in October 2015, it’s remarkable to think that he guided them to some of the sport’s biggest titles in just a few years.

As soon as Klopp broke the seal with Champions League glory, there was a feeling of inevitability when his side swept to Premier League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup triumphs.

Klopp’s Liverpool tenure

However, while Klopp’s time on Merseyside can only be viewed as an overwhelming success, there’s no escaping the fact that his six-year reign has also featured some trying periods.

From the double cup final defeats of his debut season to the injury crisis last time out, Klopp has been forced to dig deep just as much as he’s been able to enjoy lifting silverware.

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And rightfully or wrongly, Klopp has earned something of a reputation for being a prickly customer when it comes to post-match interviews and press conferences during those tougher periods.

It’s a difficult status quo to put your finger on as somebody looking in from the outside, but a certain Mark Clattenburg appears to have shed light on Klopp’s persona in his recent autobiography.

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Klopp called a ‘sour loser’

The former Premier League referee hasn’t pulled any punches in his ‘Whistle Blower’ memoir and remarkably noted that he considered Klopp to be a ‘strange bloke’ amidst his revelations.

According to talkSPORT, Clattenburg wrote: “Jurgen Klopp. Brilliant manager. Sour loser. I first came across him in April 2014. His Borussia Dortmund side lost 3-0 at Real Madrid in a Champions League quarter-final first leg.

“After the game, I came out of my dressing room and Real defender Marcelo and his wife asked for a picture. It was a private picture on their phone so I said yeah, no problem.

“Klopp walked past just as the photo was being taken. ‘Oh, so that’s why we got beat, is it?’ he said. He was not being humorous or friendly, he was being sarky.


“It annoyed me when managers could not be gracious in defeat. Klopp never took losing well. When he was winning he was happy, he was good fun. When things were not going his way, he got prickly.”

Klopp’s intimidation tactics

He continued: “My final game with Klopp was in January 2017 against Chelsea at Anfield. Managers rarely came into my dressing room for the exchange of team sheets an hour before kick-off.

“On this occasion, Klopp came in with Jordan Henderson. It was bizarre, he stood and stared at me for about 30 seconds. I just stared back at him. I could see Jordan was a bit like, ‘What the hell’s going on?’

“Did Klopp think I was stupid? I was not going to be bullied by him. He left and all I thought was: ‘What a strange bloke.’”


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Prickly accusations

It’s hard to tell what’s more interesting: the fact that Klopp allegedly tried to stare out Clattenburg or the casual detail that Marcelo asked a referee for a photo with him and his wife?

Ok, jokes aside, it would appear as though fans aren’t alone in coming away with a strange feeling about Klopp under certain circumstances, particularly – it would appear – after his teams lose.

At the end of the day, football management is one of the toughest jobs in all of sport, so it’s perhaps only natural that somebody wouldn’t give the best account of themselves after a crushing moment.



Or at least that seems a little bit more feasible than Klopp straight up being ‘a strange bloke’.

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