Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: AJ insists fight will happen in the UK


Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, two of the most decorated boxers of 21 century were supposed to lock horns on 14 August. But sadly the fight was called off in the end.

The much anticipated 'Fight of the Grassroots' was cancelled after a United States arbitrator ordered Fury to have a third bout with Deontay Wilder.

This leaves the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion Joshua to fight against the undisputed world cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Since many fans were eagerly waiting for the Joshua-Fury fight, Eddie Hearn( Anthony Joshua's promoter) says that it could be possible sometime in early 2022. But for that to happen he believes

Anthony Joshua has to focus on his fight with Usyk right now.

Joshua was insisting that his fight with Fury will happen and promised that it would take place in the United Kingdom.


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According to Joshua, these two greats from the United Kingdom who came from the amateur system of the UK and took the world by storm deserved a shot at each other.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Joshua stated that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao also happened when they had passed their prime.

"August 14. That’s when the Fury fight was booked. It would have happened by now. We were meant to have fought by now and here we are talking about it. But it will happen.

"I know what people are saying about boxing politics, but I’ll promise before the end of my career I will have done everything in my power to fight Tyson Fury.


"We saw it with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao [not fighting until they were beyond their primes] but that was a superstar fight.

"Me and Fury is streets, two warriors, two fighters who have come from the amateur system in the UK, and have taken the world by storm.

"We’ll get it on in Britain. Don’t worry about age, boxing politics, don’t worry about the American dollar.


"This is a British UK fight which can happen at Wembley, Tottenham, the O2, York Hall.

"I look at it less as a mega-fight for the world and more from the point of view that we are guys who first met in Finchley ABC. It is a grassroots fight."

But he is neither worried about money, politics or age. He just wants the fight to happen at all costs.


Although Joshua and his promoter want the best of the best, his promoter is still insisting that AJ should focus on the fight with Usyk for the time being.

He believes that if AJ is unable to beat Usyk then the Fury fight becomes irrelevant.

Though the fight is cancelled for the foreseeable future, with a 24-1 (Anthony Joshua) and 30-0 (Tyson Fury) record, the clash of these two warriors would have arguably been the most-watched fight of this decade if not the century.

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