Overwatch 2: Will there be an Overwatch League 2022?

Overwatch League 2022 information

It was recently confirmed that an ‘early build’ of Overwatch 2 would be coming to the Overwatch League.

Fans have been wondering if there will be another iteration of the tournament, with Blizzard seemingly having pushed back the new game over the past couple of years amid speculation that the Overwatch eSport was being scrapped altogether. 

In a recent interview, Jon Spector discussed the state of Overwatch 2 and what fans can expect heading into this year’s Overwatch League Playoffs and what the future holds for the tournament in 2022.

Speaking to Liz Richardson of Dexerto, Spector revealed the thinking behind next year’s Overwatch League being played in the ‘early build’ of Overwatch 2. He said: “It’s been a ton of work over the last couple of months, in particular, with our partners on the development team, trying to assemble what I’ll describe as ‘an incredibly complicated puzzle.’

“Any time that you’re going to transition something from Overwatch to the early build of Overwatch 2, that’s complicated by itself.

“But we’re also dealing with the newly resurgent pandemic and trying to put together a plan given continued uncertainty about what travel and immigration and some of the kind of key elements of a season plan are going to look like.

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Overwatch League 2022 information

Jon Spector on the future of Overwatch League

Spector would also outline the difficulties of running the tournament and building towards Overwatch 2 during the pandemic. He said: “What we’ve been doing, and I think this reflects an approach that we’ve taken generally in the pandemic, is [doing] our best where possible to stay flexible.

“Over the course of the spring and summer, I think once we were even one or two tournaments into 2021, we started to feel really good.

“Once we had that kind of, ‘OK, things are in good shape this year’ thought, the timeline then becomes, ‘what do we want to build on next year? How do we successfully transition to start using Overwatch 2 when we’re able?’”

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Spector finished by revealing what he is most excited by in the early stages of Overwatch 2’s development. He said: “I’ve been playing a lot of Reinhardt recently, so I’m excited for some of what we showed off at the last public stream [of Overwatch 2].

“The changes to Charge and Firestrike are just really cool as a Rein player, so I’m excited about that. That’s on my list of stuff I’m looking forward to, seeing what the pros can do with some of those adjustments.”

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