Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's best Sky Sports moments

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville

When Jamie Carragher joined Gary Neville on the Sky Sports team for their coverage of the Premier League and beyond, it could well have been seen as a risk. 

Indeed, here was a Liverpool legend joining a Manchester United stalwart and the two had certainly had run-ins during their playing careers. 

Still, that rivalry is what has made the two so interesting to watch. Clearly, it helps that both boast an intrinsic knowledge of the game and manage to package their analysis into easy-to-follow watching but the character and the personality shown makes Monday Night Football an essential watch. 

Over the years, we’ve been treated to TV gold from the pair and, thankfully, Planet Football have recounted some of the best moments, while we’ve sprinkled our own in too. 

The Valencia fallout 

After Neville’s brief stint in charge of Valencia, Carragher seemed to relish a flurry of tweets from football fans asking the United legend what went wrong during his time in Spain. 

Zorb Football 

There are few things more enjoyable than seeing elite footballers (retired or not) do the kind of things we’d do on a stag do. Amid all the seriousness of the professional game, a departure from the norm is always welcome.

Neville, this time, came out on top. 

The battle of the North West 

Such is the pride both Carragher and Neville take in their roots, the two argued over which was the better city: Liverpool or Manchester. 

The great Tottenham debate 

Back in 2018, Neville moved to defend Daniel Levy for his decision not to back Mauricio Pochettino with signings due to the amount of money their stadium move cost. 

Carragher, however, had a different point of view. 

Stairway to heaven 

A more recent example of the two Premier League legends at their competitive best came when Sky’s coverage took them to St James’ Park for Newcastle United’s draw with Leeds United. 

In a challenge, the pair raced up the infamously steep stairs to the away end on Tyneside, with Carragher coming out on top. 

The curious case of Paul Pogba 

When asked for their predictions on who would be the Premier League Player to Watch in 2021, Carragher could not help but laugh when Neville chose a certain Paul Pogba. 

A divisive figure at United, the early indications are at least promising for Neville. 

Deconstructing the European Super League 

Here it is, the best example of Neville and Carragher in action. 

Two the leading voices in English football, the pair tore into the grotesque plans formed by a number of the biggest clubs in the world and called for action. 

A rallying cry that proved far more interesting than the game they were set to cover. 

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