FIFA 22: Preview Packs Will become Permanent Feature


FIFA 22 tested preview packs towards the end of FIFA 21, and they must have felt that they were a great success as they have decided to keep them as a permanent feature in the game.

The preview packs were in Ultimate Team, and apparently saw in-game packs get bought more, with both coins and real money.

We have seen a lot of official confirmation from developers EA Sports revealing brand new features coming to the game, and this has got many very excited.

The gaming community love all the game modes, but most look out for how Ultimate Team will look when a new FIFA game comes out, and due to the great look of the game mode, the hype around FIFA 22 is at an all time high.

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Preview Packs Will Become A Permanent Feature in FIFA 22

Packs in FIFA are loot boxes, and these have received a lot of criticism as one good gold pack costs around £7 and with the game only rated at 3+ when it comes to age restrictions, many have argued that this rating should go up as loot boxes feel like a form of gambling.

EA generated huge amounts of revenues from these loot boxes and added a new concept last season which saw players able to preview a pack and then decide if they wanted to buy it.

Clearly this new concept has been a huge success as they want to keep it in the game and it highlights that EA Sports probably managed to get more people buying packs if they want to keep pack previews in FIFA.

With a lot already being revealed by EA, it looks like there might not be many surprises when the game is fully released on Friday 1st October 2021.

Be sure to grab the game as soon as possible as Ultimate Team is not the only thing that has got some great new changes. Pro Clubs and Career Mode look to have some really good changes and it seems like the FIFA franchise will really evolve with FIFA 22.

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