Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Lampard: The record scorers at the 30 most valuable clubs

Lionel Messi scored 672 goals for Barcelona

Being the record goalscorer at one of the biggest clubs in world football is a prestigious honour.

It's one only a select few players in history have received and most of the current holders will be not be knocked off their perch anytime soon.

Lionel Messi is the footballer with the most goals for one club in history, the Argentine genius netting a ridiculous 672 of them in his time with Barcelona.

The 34-year-old's record is without question the most famous when it comes to a team's leading scorer.

However, many other legendary figures have well and truly mastered the art of goalscoring at one specific club and we've decided to highlight that fact.

Below, you will find the record goal-getter for each of the 30 most valuable clubs in world football on Transfermarkt.

Many are well-known, but a few will catch the average football fan off guard.

Let's begin...

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Manchester City

Record scorer: Sergio Aguero (260 goals)

Paris Saint-Germain

Record scorer: Edinson Cavani (200 goals)

Manchester United

Record scorer: Wayne Rooney (253 goals)


Record scorer: Frank Lampard (211 goals)


Record scorer: Ian Rush (346 goals)

Bayern Munich

Record scorer: Gerd Muller (563 goals)

Real Madrid

Record scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (450 goals)

Atletico Madrid

Record scorer: Luis Aragonés (172 goals)

Tottenham Hotspur

Record scorer: Jimmy Greaves (266 goals)


Record scorer: Lionel Messi (672 goals)

Messi with Barcelona


Record scorer: Alessandro Del Piero (290 goals)

Inter Milan

Record scorer: Giuseppe Meazza (284 goals)

Borussia Dortmund

Record scorers: Alfred Preissler (174 goals)

Leicester City

Record scorer: Arthur Chandler (273 goals)


Record scorer: Thierry Henry (228 goals)


Record scorer: Dries Mertens (135 goals)

RB Leipzig

Record scorer: Timo Werner (95 goals)

AC Milan

Record scorer: Gunnar Nordahl (221 goals)


Record scorer: Dixie Dean (383 goals)


Record scorer: Campanal I (218 goals)

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AS Roma

Record scorer: Francesco Totti (307 goals)


Record scorer: Cristiano Doni (112 goals)

Aston Villa

Record scorer: Billy Walker (244 goals)


Record scorer: Steve Bull (306 goals)

Real Sociedad

Record scorer: Jesús Satrustegui (162 goals)

West Ham

Record scorer: Vic Watson (326 goals)

Bayer Leverkusen

Record scorer: Ulf Kirsten (240 goals)

AS Monaco

Record scorer: Delio Onnis (223 goals)


Record scorer: Fleury Di Nallo (182 goals)


Record scorer: Johan Cruyff (191 goals)

Cruyff at Ajax

So there you have it.

A few of the figures may not be 100% correct, as certain sources - most notably Transfermarkt and Wikipedia - differentiate from one another with regards to certain players and clubs.

Only Messi and Muller can boast that they've scored 500 or more times for one of the major clubs above, while Ronaldo's record of 450 goals for Real Madrid makes him the third-most prolific player on the list.

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