FIFA 22 ratings: Van Dijk vs Varane vs Dias in-game stats comparison


With the release of FIFA 22 edging ever closer, EA has dropped the top 100 rated players in the latest edition of their esteemed football video game.

Various Premier League players have made the list, including three notable centre-backs, who are frequently used in the multiple game modes on offer.

Raphael Varane, Virgil van Dijk and Ruben Dias are undoubtedly three of the most prolific defenders, not just in FIFA 22, but also in this season’s Premier League. Moreover, the trio are the three highest-rated PL CBs in this year’s game, as well as three of the top 10 highest rated centre-backs in all leagues.

Manchester United’s new Frenchman boasts an impressive 86 overall rating, while his counterparts have earned an 89 (Van Dijk) and 87 (Dias) rating respectively.

Following a stellar debut season in England, Dias’ rating grew by six, while Van Dijk’s decreased by one as the Dutchman missed the majority of the 2020/21 campaign through injury.

While they all have their own strengths, many will still be wondering who is indeed the best of them all with regards to in-game attributes.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into Varane, Van Dijk and Dias’ stats and find out who rightfully deserves to be called the best Premier League centre-back on FIFA 22.



Through FIFA’s physical, skill and mental attributes, whoever has the highest rating per category will receive one point. The player with the most points will be deemed, of the three, the most dominant in FIFA 22.

In-Game: Physical

Acceleration: Varane (79), Van Dijk (66), Dias (57)

Agility: Varane (62), Van Dijk (61), Dias (59)

Balance: Dias (56), Van Dijk (53), Varane (39)

Jumping: Van Dijk (90), Varane (81), Dias (78)

Reactions: Van Dijk (87), Dias (87), Varane (84)

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Sprint Speed: Van Dijk (88), Varane (85), Dias (65)

Stamina: Dias (88), Varane (76), Van Dijk (69)

Strength: Van Dijk (92), Dias (88), Varane (86)

In-Game: Skill

Ball Control: Varane (78), Van Dijk (76), Dias (74)

Crossing: Dias (54), Van Dijk (53), Varane (42)

Curve: Van Dijk (60), Varane (46), Dias (46)

Defensive Awareness: Van Dijk (92), Dias (90), Varane (86)

Dribbling: Van Dijk (70), Dias (64), Varane (55)


Finishing: Van Dijk (52), Varane (46), Dias (29)

Free-Kick Accuracy: Van Dijk (70), Varane (52), Dias (48)

Heading: Van Dijk (87), Dias (87), Varane (86)

Long Passing: Van Dijk (86), Varane (76), Dias (74)

Long Shots: Van Dijk (64), Varane (53), Dias (22)

Penalties: Van Dijk (62), Dias (45), Varane (43)

Short Passing: Dias (81), Van Dijk (79), Varane (78)

Shot Power: Van Dijk (81), Dias (74), Varane (52)

Sliding Tackle: Varane (87), Van Dijk (86), Dias (85)


Standing Tackle: Van Dijk (92), Dias (89), Varane (88)

Volleys: Van Dijk (45), Varane (42), Dias (32)

In-Game: Mental

Aggression: Dias (92), Van Dijk (83), Varane (80)

Interceptions: Van Dijk (90), Varane (85), Dias (85)

Positioning: Varane (55), Van Dijk (47), Dias (39)

Vision: Van Dijk (65), Varane (59), Dias (51)

Composure: Van Dijk (90), Varane (83), Dias (81)


  • Van Dijk – 19
  • Dias – 7
  • Varane – 5

Despite the downgrade, Van Dijk wins by a landslide. The Dutchman’s well-roundedness in each of the categories highlights just how dominant he is, not only when defending in the game, but also when going up for corners to attack and when distributing from the back.

One this is for sure, though, PL Ultimate Team squads will have quite the dogged defence with a pair or even a back three featuring Varane, Van Dijk and/or Dias.

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