FIFA 22: 84+ Rated Players Guaranteed In 100k Packs


It has been revealed that FIFA 22 players will now be given at least an 84 rated player or higher in 100k packs as well as an 83+ rated player or higher in a 50k pack.

The gaming community got their best glimpse at FIFA 22 on Monday 20th September 2021 as content creators were allowed to play the game, and the hype is now at an all time high.

Hundreds of thousands of fans watched their favourite streamers play the game and it is a great way for the franchise to promote FIFA 22.

100k packs now guarantee at least an 84+ rated player in FIFA 22

One thing that would frustrate the FIFA community in older games was the fact that you would pay 50,000 or 100,000 coins for big packs. If you were buying these packs with real money it would cost around £10-15.

When you open these packs you expect to get a decent rated player, but many would not even get a player above 82 rated and this seems somewhat unfair for the amount of money they put on the pack.

Now developers EA Sports have implemented a feature which means you will get at least an 83 rated player in a 50k pack and in a 100k pack, you will get an 84 rated player.

This news, which was brought to us by FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter, is great news and it seems like the developers are finally listening to the community and taking their criticisms on board.

We hope that we see features like this for all the big packs in the game, as it costs a lot and takes a lot of time to build up the coins for these packs, so players deserve to get a decent rated player.

Early Access is available to everyone from Wednesday 22nd September 2021, and from this date we will start to get a good bearing of how good the game is and how well it has gone down with players.

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