Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Four New Events Confirmed From Images Online

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Releases on Thursday 23rd September 2021 and new images have emerged showing the new events available when the season starts.

There looks to be a lot of cool new additions for season 8, but also some great ones from other Call of Duty games, and this perfect blend is the perfect way for Call of Duty Mobile to celebrate their second anniversary.

Alongside these recent images that have surfaced on social media, we saw the official battle pass trailer for the second anniversary go live.

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It is good for the game to reveal images and videos ahead of release as it builds excitement for the new season.

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Image Emerges Showing New Events will be Available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

These latest images have been posted on social media by Call of Duty Mobile News and it has given us a sneak glimpse of what season 8 will have to offer.

Every season looks to have new limited time events and we can see from the image that players will be able to play four different events. These events are:

  • Counterattack
  • Featured
  • Seasonal
  • Daily

It is good that players will have a variety of events and Counterattack looks to be a new event. When more is found out about this we will provide you with all the latest updates right here. To view the image, have a look at the link down below.

The only frustrating thing is the fact that Counterattack is now available to play for another 10 days. This suggests that it will also be a limited time event.

Limited time events are really good ideas as they keep people wanting to play the game and they are typically quite different to the other events that COD Mobile have to offer.

With it also being their second anniversary during season 8, players should be treated to even more great content than they normally would get during a COD Mobile season.

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