FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: The Best Way to Snipe Players (Filters and Tips)


FIFA 22 is on its way and with both the Web App and Early Access going live from Wednesday 22nd September 2021, we have some sniping filter tips for you.

The popular game mode Ultimate Team is not easy, and you have to grind out matches and tournaments in order to get lots of coins and build a good squad.

There have been some good changes to Ultimate Team and some great new changes are coming to FIFA 22, so there is a lot of hype around the game.

Those who go on the Web App or who have Early Access will be able to build their squads early, and if you are a huge fan of Ultimate Team, this is a must.

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Sniping Filters Revealed For FIFA 22

On Ultimate Team, there is the transfer market, and this is where gamers can buy players for a certain amount of coins.

Those who are hardcore FIFA fans love to snipe players off this market. For those who do not know what this means, it is when gamers look for a certain footballer and try to buy them for the cheapest possible price so that they can then sell this footballer for a profit.

FIFA account on Twitter @CrimeFUT has given the gaming community some tips on how they can snipe better in FIFA 22. The tips provided are what filters you should set on the transfer market, and they are:


  • Argentinian RB
  • Brazilian GK
  • Colombian CB
  • Rare Portuguese GK
  • Rare Brazilian Defender
  • Rare Portuguese Prem RB
  • Rare Portuguese Prem Any
  • Rare English Defender Prem
  • Rare Italian CB
  • Rare Prem RB
  • Hunter Attackers
  • Shadow Defender


  • Top Nations LM/RM/CAM/CDM
  • Brazilian Midfielders
  • English Midfielders
  • German ST

Be sure to look for these certain players on the market during Early Access, as the tips are saying that these players will become a lot more expensive when FIFA 22 is fully released.

Trading in the FIFA 22 transfer market can be a lot of fun if you get it right, and if you can make a huge profit, then you will be able to pick some amazing squads.

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