WWE: Drew McIntyre open to SmackDown draft move & another Roman Reigns feud (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre open to SmackDown move in WWE Draft

Drew McIntyre would be open to switching brands in the WWE Draft next month, something that many fans have predicted is on the cards.

Since returning to WWE’s main roster in 2018, Drew McIntyre has appeared just as a member of the Raw roster, but many have speculated that he could be heading over to Friday Night SmackDown.

Speaking to GiveMeSport at the UK press junket yesterday, McIntyre said that he would be open to moving over to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, particularly if it meant feuding with Roman Reigns.

However, McIntyre would go on to stress the importance of not rushing his eventual storyline with Roman Reigns, wanting more time to catch up to the momentum the Universal Champion has now:

I mean, something with Roman [Reigns] is always going to interest me. He’s on top of WWE right now doing the best work of his career… I think for Roman and I, it’s a case of giving it more time. I just want to keep rolling and keep building that momentum and basically catch up to the momentum that he’s got right now and make it a big big match.

However, McIntyre brought up the idea of potentially staying on Raw, saying that he’s excited to work with fresh talent, regardless of what brand he ends up being assigned to.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying I’m going to SmackDown, but I don’t mind if a lot of people are coming from SmackDown to Raw that I can work with, but I’m excited for the possibility of some top-level feuds. All I ever want is to be in something exciting storyline-wise, and the draft always opens up that possibility to get a fresh move.

It’s not just Roman Reigns that Drew McIntyre has his eye on, with the former WWE Champion namedropping Edge and Seth Rollins as people he’d like to mix it up with:

I look over there [on SmackDown] and I see guys like Seth [Rollins] and Edge working together and the cool stuff they’re doing together, and I’m ‘I want him and I want him’. There’s just unlimited people on SmackDown

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