Conor McGregor’s disastrous baseball pitch is so bad it’s gone viral

  • Rob Swan

If Conor McGregor was considering a post-UFC career in baseball, he should probably think again.

The 33-year-old threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game on Tuesday and it was so disastrous that it immediately went viral on social media.

McGregor, looking sharp in his grey suit, stepped up confidently as he prepared to throw the ball at the start of Chicago Cubs vs Minnesota Twins at the Wrigley Field.

The UFC legend certainly had the power as he threw the ball with his left arm - as you’d expect from a professional fighter - but his accuracy was absolutely miles off.


Video: Conor McGregor's wild pitch

Check out McGregor’s pitch here…

That is absolutely awful, Conor!

You could have at least practised in the garden at home first.

The catcher’s reaction was priceless…

Now let’s check out some of the best reaction from social media:

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McGregor speaks after his terrible pitch

Asked about his terrible throw later in the evening, McGregor told Marquee Sports Network that it was the “most devastating first pitch ever seen in the iconic Wrigley Field!”

You can say that again.


The Irishman added: “The venom was there, the power was there. It’s a little off accuracy wise but I’m on the one leg [because of a recent injury] - I’m happy with that!”

Watch McGregor’s interview here…


It’s probably best if you stick to fighting, Conor.


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