NBA 2K22: 4 different ways to play the game

NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has arrived on PlayStation 4 and 5, and whether you’re a devout fan of the franchise or this is the first time you’ve played the game, it’s important to know what you’ve got your hands on.

The immediate responses have been around the sleeker animations, transitions, and improved gameplay. But what are the different game modes you can play?

GiveMeSport has examined four different ways you can immerse yourself within the new NBA 2K22…



Create your MyPLAYER, set their attributes and compete against the best players in the NBA; travel the world with an all-new neighbourhood mode.

Early in the MyCAREER experience in NBA 2K22, you notice that things look different this year. For starters, you’re a social media sensation. It’s not dissimilar to some of the real-life NBA prospects who go viral online by age 16. Think LaMelo Ball for a recent example.

You are presented with three different options as to what path you want to take from here: head to the draft, play in the G-League, or continue your education in college.

Opt for the former two options and you can earn differing perks, including Virtual Currency (VC) endorsements immediately. Alternatively, build your reputation and skills through the college system before entering the draft.

Aside from on the court, the joys of MyCAREER mode is hitting the City. Live like a true NBA talent and cruise the City, and whether you’re in the League, G-League, or college, watch the storylines unfold.



Build your dream team with historic and current NBA players as you earn, compete and level up in this defining team building experience.

Call To Ball: Compete in ranked games to accumulate points from 0-150,000 XP, collecting NBA legend cards, award packs, sneaker packs and bonus XP points.

There’s a choice of single player and multiplayer modes, plus a chance to purchase packs in the pack market to give your team the extra edge in the MyTEAM: Draft.

It all culminates in a chance to win $250k. To pre-qualify, you will have to reach the emerald tier reward in between the GameDay dates, marked on the official rules of the tournament; once you get that, an alternate menu will allow you to play qualifying matches that will earn you points to reach the top four of each GameDay.

Are you ready to assemble an all-conquering super team?


NBA 2K22 PlayNow

PlayNow is your chance to fine tune your skills and smooth out your playbook with a selection of seven modes to experiment with.

These include Quick Play mode, Play WNBA and control some of your favourite players and teams in the WNBA. 2KU is the 2K University – it’s your chance to practice your plays, three point-shooting and more without the pressure of an opponent.

Plus, you don’t always need a professional court to play ball. Blacktop mode takes you back to the streets – ranging from an old school game of one-on-one pick up, to a five-on-five street match.



Much like Career Mode in the FIFA franchise, MyLEAGUE gives you the opportunity to forge your own destiny and have complete control over every aspect of how your league plays out on the court. Will you make it all the way to the NBA finals?

If you’d prefer a seat in the Front Office, then the MyGM feature could be for you. Experience life as an NBA general manager, maintain relationships, hone your skills, and trade your way to build a championship-winning roster.

There’re plenty of other game modes including MyLEAGUE Online, too. Play a single season in the WNBA or NBA as well as enjoying the buzz in the fully customisable Play Offs.

NBA 2K22 is out now and available to purchase on PlayStation 4 and 5

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