Bryan Danielson considered stepping away from wrestling after leaving WWE this year

Bryan Danielson considered retiring from wrestling this year

Bryan Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan in WWE) has revealed that he considered stepping away from wrestling after his deal with Vince McMahon’s company expired this year.

Bryan Danielson ended up signing with AEW, debuting at the All Out this month, but the former WWE Champion told WFAN that he considered stepping away from wrestling for a few years:

“A lot of people look at as there being two options; either WWE or AEW. I’m like, ‘or I could just do an Independent schedule where I don’t sign with anybody. I did (think about it). I also thought about not coming back to wrestling at all, in the sense of at least the next couple of years.

It seems like wanting to spend time with his family was at the root of a potential decision, with Bryan having the following to say:

I wanted to take the summer off because my daughter started preschool. Just being at home with her every day, she’s four, I’ve left every week or almost every week. I loved it and she loved it, me being home every night. I FaceTime her every night and she’s like, ‘Daddy, I miss you, I miss your cuddles. Momma doesn’t cuddle me like you do.’ The idea of stepping away until my son starts preschool so I could be there every day for him and my daughter. Then, I’m missing maybe the four years of my productive athletic career and I might not be the same at 45 as I am at 40,”

Bryan Danielson recently posted a touching thank you note to WWE, its fans, and Vince McMahon ahead of his huge in-ring debut on the special ‘Grand Slam’ episode of Dynamite tonight.

You can read exactly what Bryan Danielson had to say regarding his future employers by clicking right here.

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