Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Weapon Buffs and Nerfs Revealed

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 goes live tomorrow and the buffs and nerfs happening to the weapons when this season drops have been revealed.

Of course the updates to the weapons is one of the most important things that happens when a new season comes out as it could seriously affect the meta of the game.

With the Call of Duty franchise a huge success, many wanted to try the mobile game when it came out nearly two years ago, and it instantly became a huge hit across the gaming community.

This season is bound to be one of its biggest ever due to the fact that the second anniversary of the game being created is during season 8.

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Weapon Buffs and Nerfs

In all Call of Duty games we see lots of weapon updates. This is due to the fact that sometimes weapons are either too powerful or not powerful enough.

It is good to have these updates as it makes sure that players aren’t always using the same guns in the game and it gives it somewhat of a fresh feel.

The buffs and nerfs coming to Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 have been revealed via an image, which was then posted on social media by Call of Duty Mobile News.

When the second anniversary goes live the weapons getting updated are:

  • SP-R 208: Nerf
  • AS VAL: Buff and Nerf
  • XPR-50: Buff and Nerf
  • Rytec AMR: Buff
  • DL Q33: Buff
  • Locus: Buff
  • MK2: Buff
  • HG40: Buff
  • PDW-57: Buff
  • SKS: Buff
  • M21 EBR: Buff

To view the image have a look at the link down below.

This is a lot of weapons going through changes, and this is a really good thing for the Call of Duty community.

Be sure to have a go with all these guns to work out which ones have been the most affected and which ones suit you best, so that you can keep on leading the way in Call of Duty Mobile.

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