Ronnie Brunswijk - vice-president of Suriname - plays himself for the club he owns

Inter Moengotapoe

Politics and football don’t mix.

That’s the opinion of many football fans who don’t like it when a footballer shares their political view or when political gestures are seen on a pitch.

Shame nobody told Suriname Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk.



Brunswijk has been in his political position since 2020.

And he decided one of the first things he’d do in his position of power was to buy a football club – Inter Moengotapoe. Incidentally, the side one of his sons plays for.

We say ‘one of his sons’ because, according to a New York Times profile, he has “at least 50 children.”

Their profile reads: “an elite paratrooper, a soccer player, a wanted bank robber, a guerrilla leader, a gold baron and a father to at least 50 children during his lifetime.”

The perfect man to buy a football club, then.

But Brunswijk is far from just the owner.

That’s because, on Tuesday, the 60-year-old decided to play himself in the CONCACAF League, North America and the Caribbean’s version of the Europa League, against Honduras side Olimpia.

Not only that but he made himself captain and played for 54 minutes.

Brunswijk’s side lost 6-0, while Wikipedia claims he completed 14 of his 17 attempted passes.

The story doesn’t end there.

Brunswijk also named the home stadium after himself and was seen handing out $100 notes in the opposition dressing room after the match.

However, any hopes that he would inspire an incredible comeback in the second leg have been dashed by Interpol.

That’s because, according to Marca, he’s wanted for ‘drug trafficking’ and can’t leave Suriname.

What a story…

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